Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Nominations

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As much as many Big Brother Canada 11 fans would love for Head of Household Kuzie to take a shot at Ty and Zach this week, it likely won’t happen. As we saw with last week’s votes, Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel aren’t willing to make a big move yet. They want to play in the middle.

Taking out Zach and Ty also may not be the best move for Kuzie’s game. They see her as a pawn in their game, so they likely have no plans to target her anytime soon. As long as they think she’s with them, she’s safe.

Kuzie may not be gunning for the top dogs, but she may try to take out some second-tier or third-tier players to make the Big Brother Canada 11 game a little easier for her.

On Friday’s Digital Dailies, she mentioned targeting Santina as an initial target and Dan as a backup. Ty plans to try to convince her (or the house) to take out Vanessa this week. 

We expected Kuzie to nominate Vanessa and Santina unless one of them was saved by Canada. So who did Kuzie actually nominate?

BBCAN11 Week 3 HOH Nominations

  • Kuzie nominated Santina and Vanessa.

Kuzie always planned to nominate Santina, so Vanessa must have won Canada’s safety because she was a real option and seems to be off the board this week. Hope, once again, volunteered to go on the Block, likely just to play in the Veto, which this time lucked out for him. 

Update: Tuesday’s BBCAN11 episode showed that the original nominees were Santina and Vanessa and not Santina and Hope, but I suspect Vanessa may have left the game. This results in Hope voluntarily to go on the Block.

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