Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Victoria Creates Chaos

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria Week 2

Victoria has been playing the best game of Big Brother Canada 12 so far. She’s in multiple alliances and no one plans to target her soon. Anthony believes he’s playing the best game, but not currently. Donna and Bayleigh have already discussed targeting him as soon as next week. Because Victoria is positioned so well in the game, it seemed like a bad move to win this Head of Household Competition.

It may be a bad move in hindsight. However, right now it’s showing her excellent manipulation skills. Victoria has been juggling her alliances very well. She’s keeping everyone happy while doing the moves best for her game. Avery and Anthony are Victoria’s two true allies. She tells Anthony that she wants to go to the end with him.

I think this is true to an extent, but she would probably prefer an Avery and her final-two situation. The way Anthony has been playing, I think Avery and Victoria making it to the final two is more likely than  Anthony and anyone final-two. But we shall wait and see. Victoria is doing what’s best for her and Anthony’s games, which means getting Vivek out of the house this week.

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Vivek argue

The Big Sisters alliance, which is really just Bayleigh and Donna now, wants Tola out. Victoria wants to keep and use him to ensure Anthony and her safety. She let Avery and Kayla know that she doesn’t plan to target Tola this week. She let him know as well.  However, she needed to convince Donna and Bayleigh that Vivek needed to go before Tola.

She started scheming. Victoria discovered that Donna, Bayleigh, Vivek, and Todd made a loose alliance called something like the East Coasters. She wanted to use that information to try to turn Donna and Bayeligh against Vivek. Victoria walked Vivek into a trap. 

He knows he’s in danger and has been a bit frazzled and panicked. Victoria sat with him in the car and asked him to tell her about his alliance. He had no clue what she was talking about. She then began listing the names of those he was close with: Bayleigh, Donna, and Todd.

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Vivek

Vivek tells her about the East Coast alliance but insists it is not a real thing. The two talk more and Vivek gives her more information. She immediately takes this information to Bayleigh but definitely spins some lies, exaggerates, and makes sure Bayleigh is angry at Vivek. She blames Vivek for outing this non-alliance-alliance and that he said he would target Todd and Bayleigh next.

She wants Bayleigh to believe that Vivek wants her out. Victoria then gets Todd, Donna, and Vivek in a room together. Bayleigh and Vivek begin to yell at each other. While Donna, Todd, and Victoria basically just watch. 

In front of them, Victoria covers up her lies and makes it seem like things didn’t happen the way they did and it’s all miscommunication. She also acts as a mediator for Bayleigh and Vivek. It’s a masterclass of manipulation (slow claps).

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Vivek argue

Now Victoria may have gotten away with this level of deception and chaos because she’s Head of Household. However, for now, the confusion has worked. Bayleigh and Donna still want Tola or Matt out first, but now they’re fine if Vivek leaves because they don’t believe they can trust him. 

They all played right into Victoria’s hands. She may manage to escape this week without any blood on her hands.

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