Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Week 2 Nomination Plans

We may have to wait until Monday to confirm this week’s Big Brother Canada 12 nominations. However, the March 14 (posted on March 15) Digital Dailies gave us some insight into who the current Head of Household plans to nominate. Last week, Vivek began to get himself into an uncomfortable position.  It didn’t help that Anthony began to notice Vivek’s active game and wanted to stop him before he gains momentum.

Anthony used some lies with a sprinkle of truth to evict JanineVictoria and Anthony may use this tactic again this week to ensure Vivek’s eviction. They see him as a threat. The Big Sisters alliance wants Tola out of the house. However, the Big Sisters alliance is really just Donna and Bayleigh, because Avery, Kayla, Lexus, and Victoria are more dedicated to their Hot Chocolate alliance with Anthony.

They want what’s best for their five and that isn’t necessarily evicting Tola. They see the potential in working with him. Victoria wants to keep everyone happy, so she needed to ensure that she could nominate Vivek and not upset Donna and Bayleigh. She did some clever manipulation and convince the two women that its best to nominate Vivek.

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria

She then debated on who should sit on the block as a pawn. Anthony swayed her to nominate Elijah as a pawn next to Vivek. She told Donna and Bayleigh that she plans to nominate Vivek and Elijah but the plan is to backdoor Tola.

In reality, Victoria hopes that the nominations stay the same and the house evicts Vivek. I suspect that we won’t know for sure until Monday if Victoria nominates Vivek and Elijah, but it seems pretty set.

Victoria will likely nominate Vivek and Elijah. Vivek is her target. 

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