Big Brother Canada 12 Episode 6 Recap: A Chaotic Reign

Big Brother Canada 12-Vivek and Victoria

Big Brother Canada 12 ended its Thursday episode with Janine‘s eviction. It also started this week’s Head of Household. Big Brother made the clever decision to ensure some drama this week with a Head of Household competition that shows allegiances and forces the houseguests to make their target known. When last week’s episode ended, many houseguests tried to eliminate Vivek from the competition. This should send alarm bells about his position in the game. You’re in danger, Vivek.

We’ll have to see who gains the HOH power and whether it furthers the gender divide in the house. HOH could nominate two men and make one the target to not create such a blatant divide.

BBCAN12 Week 1 Eviction Fall Out

Not everyone was happy with Anthony‘s decision to take out Janine in the first week. Now that he’s out of power, we may see a shift or momentum to evict him. It all depends on the HOH results and how people respond to the first eviction.

Victoria knows she’s in a good position this week and doesn’t necessarily need to win the Head of Household. Vivek also realizes he might be in danger.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Head of Household Results

The newbies should take this week as an opportunity to make sure the returning players don’t get too much power.

This Head of Household involves houseguests drinking water (or other liquids) and then spitting it in the tube of the player they want to eliminate. The player with the most water is eliminated. The player who outlasts the rest becomes the HOH. The first four players eliminated become Have-Nots of the week.

Vivek is quickly eliminated.

The women go after the men first. This makes DinisTodd, Vivek, and Elijah as the Have-Nots for the week. Matt is the last man standing.  The Hot Chocolate ladies then go after Donna and Bayleigh to make sure one of the Hot Chocolate women wins. Bayleigh and Donna are the first of the women to leave. This leaves Kayla, Avery, Victoria, and Lexus as the final girls. It becomes a race between Victoria and Lexus.

Victoria wins HOH.

Victoria immediately regrets her HOH win.

BBCAN12 Week 2 Nominations

Who will the HOH nominate for eviction?

Victoria says she has wanted Vivek out from day one and now the house wants the same thing. Vivek recalls his East Coast loose alliance with Donna, Bayleigh, and Todd. He tells Anthony about this alliance. He then shares it with Victoria. In a conversation with Donna, Victoria tries to drop hints so she can tell her about the East Coast alliance.

Victoria tries to get Vivek to admit to the alliance by telling him that he’s in danger. He doesn’t admit to it. Later, Bayleigh pushes to Kayla that Tola needs to go. She tells Victoria. They worry that Bayleigh and Donna are more loyal to this East Coast alliance. Victoria then questions Vivek again to get him to talk about the East Coast alliance. He finally admits to it but he doesn’t say it’s a real alliance. Victoria does all this to get something to take to Bayleigh and Donna for them to want Vivek gone.

She then goes to tell them and spins stuff a bit.

Victoria then calls Vivek and Todd in the room with Donna and Bayleigh to sort out this alliance information. Bayleigh is worked up. Things get heated between Vivek and Bayleigh. They begin yelling at each other.

Victoria takes Elijah to Wendy’s to try to persuade him to go up as a pawn. Her Wendy’s delivery person was her brother.  Elijah agrees to be a pawn because of the Director’s alliance (includes Matt, him, Anthony, Kayla, Avery, Lexus, and Victoria).

Victoria nominates Vivek and Elijah.

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