Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Head of Household Winner, Entourage Teams, And Other Important Things From The Digital Dailies

Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies

Big Brother Canada aired its first episode last night but the fun didn’t stop there. Then it immediately posted three days’ worth of Digital Dailies. Big Brother Canada then uploaded another Digital Daily this morning. The season is starting off at full speed. But for now, we will strictly focus on the first three Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies. The three days gradually gave more important information, including revealing who became the Head of Household between Anthony and Victoria. This set of Digital Dailies also reveals a lot about the current house dynamic. 

It was over five hours of content, so these won’t include an exhaustive summary of everything, but it will include the most important details. Let’s dig into the first set of Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies.

Warning: Big Brother Canada 12 spoilers from the first few days in the house ahead. Proceed with caution. 

BBCAN12 Week 1 Head of Household Results

  • Anthony Won HOH.

Based on various conversations, it appears the Head of Household Competition involved each Team Captain consulting their team for answers. The HOH was given a set of questions that answers were based on what his or her team decided.  An example of the questions asked was: “Who is the most annoying houseguest?” Each team had to then pick someone from their team to match this answer. The Head of Household had to try to correctly identify their team’s answer and do it in the fastest time.

Anthony beats Victoria, but it seems like he won because of his speed and not from answering more questions correctly than her. Tola and Donna were popular answers amongst their team. Donna took it lightly but it seems like Tola was slightly offended by him being the answers to some of the questions. 

BBCAn12 Digital Dailies

BBCAN12 Entourage Teams And Winner

Big Brother Canada 12 ended Tuesday’s episode with a cliffhanger. Only a few houseguests had been eliminated, so who won safety was still a mystery. However, the Digital Dailies revealed that Lexus won the competition. Janine placed second and Tola finished in the final four.

Lexus joined Anthony’s entourage team. His team comprises Lexus, Vivek, Elijah, Bayleigh, Dinis, and Donna

Victoria’s entourage includes Tola, Avery, Janine, Kayla, Matt, and Todd. 

All of Victoria’s team are in danger of eviction. This set of Digitial Dailies didn’t reveal who Anthony plans to nominate from that small pool.

Targets Emerge

Digital Dailies

Much of the first Digital Dailies revolve around Anthony and Victoria’s duo. They both claim that they want to go to the end with each other. Therefore, they plot and plan on who to target. Initially, the pair discuss whether they should decide who wins the Head of Household before they even play it. This would allow them to control who they target and go after this week.

However, eventually, they decide to just play it out and decide after one of them wins. At first, Matt was Anthony’s main target. He worried that Matt was too strong-willed for them to control him. They also mentioned Dinis and Janine as potential players who were unpredictable and could target them.

Victoria was also weary of Lexus at first. Anthony and she felt the safest with Elijah and Avery and saw them as potential loyal allies. However, eventually, Anthony starts to see the value in keeping Matt and Vivek around. Matt put effort into talking to Anthony and seemingly convinced him that he could be a good ally. 

Anthony and Victoria seem to slightly disagree on Vivek. Anthony thinks he can manipulate him enough that he isn’t a threat to them. Victoria isn’t so sure. And Victoria may be right because Vivek has already addressed concerns to Matt about Anthony as a player. Matt shut them down and presented the idea that Anthony could be a target ahead of them.

While Matt’s target shrunk, Tola’s target grew. There are quite a few reasons why people stopped trusting him. The main one is how he boldly questioned Janine about an all-women’s alliance. Others then questioned whether Tola was acting more confused about the game than he actually was. He was also caught in several lies.

Digital Dailies

The only reason Anthony may not target him yet is because Anthony seems to want to try to form a men’s alliance to let Victoria and him control both sides. Victoria with the women and him with the men. Players like Vivek and Matt seem loyal to Tola. Taking out Tola could disrupt Anthony’s plan to bamboozle the men.

The Gender Wars

Big Brother Canada 12 may try the gender wars again. All the women are in a 7-person alliance. They all seem true to it, and excited about the possibility. However, most of the men have figured out this alliance. This has made them want to form their own men’s alliance to protect themselves from the women’s alliance.

Anthony, who knows about the women’s alliance, also helped fuel this division. Both sides have come up with the classic plan to try to infiltrate the other’s alliance by forming close bonds with the opposite gender. 

Victoria believes that Anthony will target two men this week because she seems unaware that Anthony is forming a men’s alliance. However, Anthony and Victoria seem most loyal to each other and are just building these alliances as a way to help themselves and create a division that protects them. 

Anthony will be in a tough position this week because if he nominates two women, then that angers the women. If he nominates two men, that angers the men. He can nominate one from each, but it will make the men wonder why he didn’t nominate two women to protect their numbers.

Big Brother Canada 12 Digital Dailies

In any scenario, this was probably the worst Head of Household for Victoria or Anthony to win.  However, they had no choice. The all-stars both seem to be in very good positions in the game. Victoria more than Anthony but that evict the returning player pact made in the premiere episode already seems void.

Stray Notes

  • Anthony celebrated his first Head of Household win ever. 
  • The new HOH room is revealed and it’s very spacious and a major upgrade from previous seasons. It also includes a television to watch the other houseguests without audio.
  • Todd seemingly is nonchalant about the whole thing, but the houseguests like him too much to evict him yet.
  • Bayleigh and Anthony know a lot of the same people in real life.
  • Avery is a Victoria superfan and wants to go to the end with her.
  • Janine, Bayleigh, Avery, and Victoria formed a final four within their big women’s alliance.
  • The all-women’s alliance is called Big Sisters, with a hand gesture and all.
  • The men’s alliance doesn’t seem to have the same strong foundation as the women’s alliance.
  • Kayla and Donna have formed a close bond that makes the other women a little weary of them.
  • Of the newbies, Janine seems to be playing the hardest. This could hurt her in thelong run.

It will be interesting to see who Anthony decides to target because of Victoria and his conflicting interests. It was a lot of information to process already but the season has started in an interesting way. Anthony and Victoria seem positioned to dominate the game, but we’ll have to see if this lasts.

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