Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: How (REDACTED) Became The Target In Week 2

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria

A lot happened on the BBCAN12 Digital Dailies posted on March 18, including a major Big Brother Canada 12 target shift. If you’ve seen the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony spoilers, then you know the new target. You may be wondering why and how that person became the target. We’re going to explain that to the best of our ability in this post. 

Donna and Bayleigh have been dominant forces in the Big Sisters’ alliance. They are the most dedicated to it. However, they had no clue that the Hot Chocolate alliance was more loyal to that alliance than Big Sisters. They also had no clue how badly they were positioned in the game.

Donna and Bayleigh believed they had more control and power in the house. Because they believed in their influential skills, they kept pushing for Tola to leave and over Vivek. Allegedly even after the nominations, Donna showed her disappointment in Victoria not nominating Vivek and Tola. 

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh and Donna

While alone, Donna and Bayleigh mentioned possibly pushing for Victoria to take out Anthony this week. He is their main target. They realized he could control the men, especially Matt and Tola. Before initial nominations, Donna mentioned this idea to Victoria, who brushed it off. Repeatedly, Donna was the first person to approach Victoria and try to influence her decisions, even when Victoria had just woken up.

Donna and Bayleigh seemed determined to get out Anthony, Tola, or even Matt this week, and another big male player next week to ensure the Big Sisters thrived in the game. Victoria didn’t like that Donna continuously tried to influence her decisions.

Plus, she felt that Donna and Bayleigh were being selfish by pushing for her to make these big moves. This could hurt Victoria’s game if something went wrong or as repercussions for her actions. For example, if she nominated Vivek and Tola, she had two strong male players who could come for her next week. Additionally, getting them out didn’t help Victoria’s game. It helped Bayleigh and Donna’s game.

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Tola

It became obvious that Donna and Bayleigh wanted Anthony out. This made them a threat to Victoria’s long-term game. Victoria and Anthony are dedicated (for now) to their All-Stars alliance. Therefore, they were directly against her biggest ally. Between Bayleigh and Donna, Donna seems more like the brains of the duo. She’s also more calm and collected, as seen by Bayleigh’s recent outburst.

Taking out Donna also helped eliminate any potential reunion of the (not real) East Coast alliance. Donna also slightly seems like the glue that could bring her,  Bayleigh, Todd, and Vivek together as a real alliance.  Victoria also claimed that she targeted Vivek for Donna and Bayleigh because he threw them under the bus.

It seemed ungrateful (to her) that they didn’t thank her for the move. Even before Vivek’s nomination, it seemed like Victoria began to shift her target to Donna. She just needed support and an excuse.

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Bayleigh

The Hot Chocolate girls were on board because Lexus and Donna had been having somewhat of a beef. Anthony wanted Vivek gone this week, but somehow Victoria got him on board to evict Donna as well.

He then began to work on repairing his relationship with Vivek. Before the Veto competition, Victoria told Avery and Lexus, who were picked to play in the Veto, to potentially get ready to use the Veto to change nominations.

She didn’t tell Dinis this but used Big Brother Canada 9’s Rohan’s regret and blunder of not saving his ally to influence Dinis and ensure that he used it to save Vivek. It worked and when he won Veto, he wanted to save Vivek.

Victoria then hinted to everyone that Matt could be her backdoor target. She warned Matt about this as well. However, at some point, Bayleigh said it made more sense to backdoor Tola now because Lexus could influence Matt.

Big Brother Canada 12-Dinis and Victoria

Only Anthony, Lexus, Matt, Tola, Elijah, Avery, and Kayla knew the real plan to backdoor Donna. Of course, Donna was shocked and upset when she went on the block. Despite all her scheming and the decision to target Donna, Victoria felt terrible after her move. 

She cried and tried to explain to Donna, who refused to talk to her. Anthony tried to help by pumping up Victoria about the move. 

Things aren’t looking good for Donna, but Elijah could go if Donna can get Bayleigh, Vivek, Dinis, Todd, and two other votes. The two other votes will be the hard part. If Victoria breaks the tie, she’s sending Donna home, especially because she probably can’t repair that relationship.

Big Brother Canada 12-Donna

It will also be hard to get Vivek and Dinis’s votes because Victoria was thinking about making a fake alliance with them for safety. Vivek also promised Victoria to be loyal to her if she saves him this week.

Let us know in the comments whether you think Victoria made the wrong move, and if you think Donna can save herself. 

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