Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

It appears that Big Brother Canada once again decided to call an early Power of Veto Ceremony. The last time this happened was in week 3 when Victoria threatened to put Tychon on the block if Jedson used the Veto to save LaToya. It seems that if Victoria is in power,  then expect an early Veto Ceremony.

This Invisible HOH week is not going as I, and many, expected because, instead of using the opportunity of anonymity to make big moves, people have been making safe ones. The same seems true with this week’s BBCAN9 Veto holder. 

Yesterday, Rohan won the Veto and set a plan in motion to do nothing with it. Kyle, Breydon, Austin, and Rohan seemed pretty close before Kyle left the game,  but now Rohan is all about doing what he thinks is best for his game, not the former foursome. Following his Veto win, immediately, Rohan told Austin and Breydon that he did not plan to use the Veto to save either of them. He felt bad about it, but a player got to play.

Rohan stuck to his decision today, and when the Veto Ceremony happened, he kept his word to not use it.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Power of Veto

  • Rohan did not use the veto. Breydon and Austin remain on the block. 

Breydon and Austin will have until Thursday to convince the house who deserves to stay more over the other one. Currently, the house (once again) is flip-flopping but Austin was the target going into this week, and she will likely remain it until eviction, especially since it appears that Austin gave a more aggressive Veto speech than Breydon.

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