Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Week 5 Invisible HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 9 just introduced a new twist into the game: The Invisible HOH. In Wednesday’s episode, the narrator teased about an invisible HOH. We were given no information, but on Thursday’s episode, more information was revealed about this week’s Invisible HOH.

Thursday’s episode saw the latest evictee walk out the door.  This eviction sort-of leveled the playing field with three (Beth, Tychon,  and Jedson) solid Sunsetters on one side and three solid Oddballs (Austin, Breydon, and Rohan) on the other side, and three floaters (Victoria, Tina, and Tera) playing the middle.  Kiefer is more of A Sunsetter than a floater but I think in the right circumstance, he could jump shi. Now it’s anyone’s game, and if the power dynamics shifts will depend on who wins this week’s HOH. And this week’s HOH has a major twist.

On Thursday, host Arisa Cox explained that the Invisible HOH will make all their decisions in secret. They would nominate in secret, name a replacement nominee in secret, and they could play in the Power of Veto Competition if their chip is drawn. Arisa dropped another big bomb by saying that this week’s HOH also gets to play in next week’s Head of Household competition. This means they could be the technical first player to be HOH for two consecutive weeks.

Big Brother Canada decided to be a bit of a tease this week by making the feeds go down for the entire night on Thursday. They briefly returned Friday afternoon and we got a few details about who could possibly be HOH. It was clear that a Sunsetter, unless Beth in secret, is not the Head of Household. Tera also claimed that she was one of the people in the tiebreaker round and lost it.

Victoria hinted heavily to Kiefer that she was the Head of Household. She even spoke to the camera and said “what do I do?” We won’t know for sure until Monday’s episode but all clues were leading to another Victoria HOH.

However, the feeds have been back for a little while now, and all signs are big and brightly pointed at Victoria. I may end up changing this post on Monday when we see for sure, but now I think it’s safe to assume that Spicy Vee is the Invisible HOH. It also seems like she’s trying to pin the HOH on Jedson, Tychon, or Beth, so she will likely be targeting Austin and Breydon this week.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Invisible HOH Results

  • Victoria is the Invisible HOH

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