Big Brother Canada 9: What Is An Invisible HOH on BBCAN9? Here’s Our Theories

Big Brother Canada 9 has been a nice mixture of entertaining, messy, and adequate gameplay. We also have a house divided that makes it fun to see who gains power each week. The first three weeks involved three major characters leaving the BBCAN9 game, so it set an “anyone can go” atmosphere for this season. We have a wildcard season where anyone can really win and anything can really happen. And that very much applies to this week of Big Brother Canada.

In tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada 9, the announcer said “Who will be the invisible HOH? What Is an invisible HOH? Find out tomorrow. ” Well, well folks, looks like we have another BBCAN9 twist. And this one has the potential to be very exciting. We don’t know much about this invisible HOH, but we’ll find out tomorrow. Before tomorrow’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode airs, let’s discuss some potential invisible HOH theories.

A Canada’s Vote HOH

Maybe this will be a Canada’s Head of Household situation where the viewers get to take control and vote on everything this week, including nominations, replacement nominations, Have-Nots, and even more. This would definitely create chaos but also keep some of the fan-favorites safe this week. I can see BBCAN9 pulling this twist because four big characters, and some fan favorites, have already left the game in the first three (soon-to-be four) weeks. This may be the BBCAN9 producers’ chance to keep fans interested by saving a fan favorite with Canada’s HOH. The fandom also seems to be as divided as the house this season, so we could get some unpredictable votes with this option.

We could also see maybe Canada voting on who becomes this week’s HOH. I think this option is the least likely because that takes away the excitement of seeing who won a competition.

An Anonymous Competition To Choose An HOH

I think this is the most likely option. I can see maybe a timed competition or a competition done in the dark to find the winner. It could be like those black box competitions from BBUSA, where all players are crawling around a black box looking for something. It could also just be an individually timed one, and only the winner is told that they won.

Then all week, everyone is called to the diary room, just so it isn’t obvious who is making nominations, picking Have-Not players, etc. This option would create so much paranoia that the house would be on edge. Good for us viewers, terrible for the sanity of the house.

A Secret Head Of Household

Maybe the houseguests see one person win Head of Household, but there is also another secret one (via a comp or power) who also has control. Maybe they can name a third nominee, or even Veto or change the current HOH’s nominations. I think this option has the potential to create the most chaos because the HOH will be annoyed if say, a Sunsetters is the non-invisible HOH, and an Oddball is the invisible one, and the invisible one nominates one of the HOH’s allies. I think

I would prefer this option because I can see things getting really crazy with this one. It would also be interesting if the invisible HOH has the power to vote or not. I would assume they wouldn’t, so that could really change who goes with one less ally to vote for or against you. There is also the possibility of Canada rewarding someone to be this secret HOH by voting them to have that power along with the current HOH competition winner.

The Evicted Houseguest Becomes HOH

This would be one heck of a twist, but maybe instead of sending the newly evicted houseguest home,  BBCAN9 lets him or her become the HOH but in a secret room in the house. However, they’re not back in the game just yet. They can only come back maybe if their intended target actually goes home. Another option is they’re still evicted but get to stay an additional week, just to create chaos (and pretend to be Canada voting), but once the week is done, she or he has to leave with the other evicted houseguest.

Personally, I hope this isn’t what happens. This seems very unfair to the other three players evicted and the person who is evicted on this invisible HOH’s run, but hey anything can happen. You just never know what Big Brother Canada 9 will do.

Tomorrow we’ll find out what an Invisible HOH entails. What are your theories on the Invisible HOH? Join us tomorrow for the next BBCAN9 Live Eviction!

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