Big Brother Canada 9 Episode 10 Recap: Will Kyle Or Rohan Save Themselves From Eviction With The Veto?


Kyle and Rohan have been a close duo since Big Brother Canada 9 started, which has put them in constant eviction danger. Because of the team twist, Rohan was on the block n the first two weeks. He almost went home in week 2. He managed to escape eviction that week, but he had a confrontation with Kiefer and LaToya that continues to hurt his game.  Kiefer got a little revenge on Rohan this week for their past beef. First, he made him a Have-Not for another week, and then he nominated him for eviction. 

Tonight, Rohan and Kyle get the chance to save themselves from eviction. They’ll compete in the fourth Power of Veto competition of the season. The winner could completely derail Kiefer’s plan and keep one of his biggest threats in the game.  It’s a can’t miss episode to see what happens next for  The Oddballs. Will Kiefer get to keep nominations the same? Or will Kyle or Rohan disrupt his plan?

It’s not looking like a good week for the Oddballs, especially Rohan and Kyle, but it’s possible that one of them could change their fate this week. Let’s see what happens.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Nomination Fall Out

It’s never a fun time when you’re on the block and a few days away from possible eviction, but cool heads can find a way to save themselves. Let’s hope Rohan and Kyle remain calm and cool this week to increase their chances of survival.

Rohan doesn’t understand how Kiefer could choose to not target Beth, Jedson, and Tychon when they all voted him out. Victoria and Rohan talk about how annoying Beth is and how they wish she was going up.

Beth and Tychon talk about possibly still getting Austin on the block because they don’t trust her.

BBCAN9 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition

Can Kyle or Rohan pull an upset this week? Beth, Jedson, and Austin are picked to play in the Veto competition.

Rohan plants the seeds that Jedson needs to throw the Veto for Kyle and him, but Jedson just plays along. He doesn’t really plan to throw it.

For this competition, the houseguests had to dress as moles and blow balls through a maze.

Kyle get the first ball, but then everyone starts to get a rhythm, except Austin, Rohan  an and Jedson start to go head to head.

Rohan won the Power of Veto!

BBCAN9 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Who will end up on the block going into tomorrow’s eviction?

Kiefer tells Victoria that Kyle and Rohan have been trying to throw her under the bus. She then shared how Austin has thrown his name around.

Kiefer tells Austin that she might go up because he heard she was in a four person alliance.

Rohan used the Veto to save himself. Kiefer named Austin as his replacement. On Thursday, either Austin or Kyle will go home.



  • Tina and Tera have a complaining session.
  • Breydon says he can see a showmance brewing between Kyle and Austin.
  • Canada chose Rohan to skip the slop.


Come back tomorrow for the fourth Big Brother Canada 9 live eviction.

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