Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Vote Flipping Before Veto Ceremony Happens

The Big Brother Canada 9 game has just started, and we already have gameplay happening before the Power of Veto Ceremony has occurred. The Power of Veto Ceremony will take place later today, but players are already looking ahead to this week’s vote. BBCAN9 Week 2 could be just as chaotic as the first week. We missed the majority of what happened during week 1 and how it led to Julie’s eviction, but we’re seeing the gameplay this week, and these players aren’t here for summer camp.

Sundays can go one way or another in the Big Brother house. Sometimes, they’re days to just relax, the Veto competition has played out, replacement nominees or regular nominations have been decided, and other times, they’re days to spark gameplay. This week in the BBCAN9 house, they were the latter. 

On Saturday, Kiefer won the Power of Veto competition.  This means that Kiefer is safe from eviction, and will be coming off the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony. With Team Destiny completely safe, Austin doesn’t have a lot of choices on who to nominate. She settled early on nominating Rohan if Kiefer or Josh came off the block, just because it’s the easiest choice. With Rohan going on the block as Kiefer’s replacement, it seemed like Josh would then be the guaranteed evicted houseguest.

However, yesterday, the Sunsetters alliance (LaToya, Jedson, Kiefer, Tychon, Tina, and Beth) discussed possibly flipping the vote on Rohan. The reason for wanting Rohan out is that Kyle and he are already a duo, and the houseguests worry that they could become a problem for their alliance. They also see the potential of Josh always being a target because of the way the house feels about him. Some of the Sunsetters members are confident that Josh won’t win competitions so he won’t be a real threat.

Of course, not all members of Sunsetters are on board to evict Rohan this week. Tina and LaToya are the ones most opposed to getting out Rohan. They worry it could expose their alliance, LaToya doesn’t want to break her word to Rohan, and they think Kyle needs to go before Rohan, because they could maybe pull Rohan to their side with Kyle gone. LaToya also bluntly stated that she just doesn’t like Josh and wants him gone.

It’s too early for either Rohan or Josh to consider themselves safe. The flip-flopping on who to vote out will likely happen all the way until Thursday’s live eviction. It should be a fun and chaotic week in the Big Brother Canada 9 house, just like we like it.

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