Big Brother Canada 9 Premiere Week Episode 2: The First Houseguest Evicted Is…

On yesterday’s Big Brother Canada 9 premiere, we met the fourteen new houseguests competing for the $100,000 grand prize. BBCAN9 started the houseguests off with a major twist: this year, at least for a few weeks, the players have to work together as teams. The team captains were Kiefer and Tina. Kiefer’s team is Team Defenders, and his teammates are Jedson, LaToya, Josh, Rohan, Julie, and Breydon. Tina is the team captain of Team Destiny, and her team consists of Victoria, Tychon, Kyle, Beth, Austin, and Tera.

Each team had to compete for safety, but both captains automatically gained safety this week. The winning team would be safe for the week, and the losing team would all be up for eviction. Victoria pulled a clutch victory for Team Destiny, making her, Tychon, Kyle, Beth, Austin, Tera safe along with Tina and Kiefer. This made Team Defenders members LaToya, Jedson, Rohan, Julie, Josh, and Breydon up for eviction. One of these six people will be the first person evicted from the BBCAN9 house.

Host Arisa Cox then announced that everyone will get to vote, including the nominees. The only person who can’t vote is Tina because her team won, but if there is a tie, she will cast the deciding vote. B

BBCAN9 Early Gameplay

Let’s see the early alliances and gameplay happening in the first few days.

Jedson and Tychon discuss staying strong to their early alliance, and then adding LaToya to it. Jedson is already worrying that he may be the target for Team Destiny because he’s a physical threat. Julie and Breydon discuss who to get rid of and they mention Josh because he dropped first.

We then got a slop for the first time try with Team Defenders who must eat it for one day.

LaToya, Jedson, and Tychon discuss trying to get Julie out this week because they don’t feel like she will be loyal to them. LaToya and Tychon just need to get the rest of their team on board for the vote.

Julie hears from Josh that LaToya mentioned her name as someone to evict this week. Julie then confronts LaToya who refuses to answer the question or deal with Julie. This makes Julie want to get rid of LaToya this week.

BBCAN9 First Vote and Eviction

With six people up for eviction, this vote could really go any way. Let’s see who becomes the first player to leave the BBCAN9 game. Team Destiny then got to submit anonymous questions to Team Defenders.

Kiefer voted to evict Julie

Jedson voted to evict Julie

LaToya voted to evict Julie

Josh voted to evict Julie

Rohan voted to evict Julie

Julie voted to evict Josh

Breydon voted to evict Julie

Victoria voted to evict Josh

Tychon voted to evict Julie

Kyle voted to evict Julie

Beth voted to evict Julie

Austin voted to evict Julie

Tera voted to evict Julie

Julie has been evicted from the BBCAN9 house. 

Make sure to return Monday at 9 pm EST for the next episode of BBCAN9. The BBCAN9 Live Feeds start soon, so make sure if you’re outside of Canada you know how to watch them.