How To Watch Big Brother Canada From The US

Big Brother Canada 6 is back and it’s another great opportunity for fans to catch a new season in a great series ahead of Big Brother 20 this summer. While things are very easy for Canadian fans to watch there are still some easy options for US and other international fans to watch along at no cost as well.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house

Update for Big Brother Canada 6:

It’s still early so we’re waiting to get things confirmed on how to watch BBCAN5 from the US but so far we have the expected ways to watch detailed out to get you ready for the season premiere.

Fans in Canada will be able to watch Big Brother Canada on Global directly but international fans will have plenty of options too. There will be plenty of streaming options for fans to watch and we’ll try to share those as they are confirmed. If you have a Roku device then you can add the very inexpensive ($1.99/mo) CanadaTV channel and use that for live streaming on your TV just like you lived in Canada. That was my go-to last season and it worked perfectly.

If you’d like to catch an online stream, here are a few options:
Warning: Do not pay for anything! Avoid clicking ads!

Live Feeds may not start until after Thursday’s show (8/7c) but when they do there are two main options for international fans. Viewers in Canada can go straight to GlobalTV’s BBCAN website and watch the free Feeds (with commercial interruptions).

Fans outside of Canada can either fire up a VPN like HMA (I do not recommend Hola due to security issues) and set their location to Canada or you can get the spectacular BBViewer which would be my recommendation. It’s free, easy, and a wonderful interface to the Feeds whether or not you’re located in Canada.


Trying to watch Big Brother Canada but thwarted by geographic restrictions? Then you’ll want to check out these links for how to view both the live broadcasts and the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds. Normally I wouldn’t link out to options for watching the Feeds off streaming services like this, but the Feeds are actually free for Big Brother Canada. All the same, enter at your own risk and always obey the law, says McGruff.

The BB Canada Feeds are 24/7 just like BBUS though they will be down during competitions, episode filming, and other events. Since these Feeds are free there some extended down times, but you get what you pay for.

US & Non-Canadian Viewers:

There are lots of suggestions to pay for a VPN service to Canada to get around geo-restrictions, but I watched all of last season without one so doing it free is possible and enjoyable (the quality isn’t necessarily degraded to get it for free, so no worries).

To watch live episodes you’ll need a streaming service that repeats out the broadcast online. There were a few last year including and Past options included (but may no longer work) or for a live stream for international viewers. Do NOT install anything to watch any of the streaming video on those websites. Close out any ads that prompt you to download software. You do not need it.

Canadian Viewers:

If you’re in Canada then you can just watch BBCAN on Global or the Feeds on You do NOT need a VPN if you live in Canada (or really anywhere else if you follow the above steps provided). Just go to the website for Feeds or tune in to Global for live episodes.