Big Brother Canada 9 Premiere: Welcome To The Apocalypse

The big day is here: we’re finally kicking off Big Brother Canada 9! After last year’s unfortunate early end, the BBCAN fans have been anxiously awaiting the start of BBCAN9. This season has already started with some controversy with a Big Brother Canada 9 houseguest being removed early and immediately replaced with a new player.  Hopefully, the rest of the BBCAN9 season goes much smoother and less dramatic. This Big Brother Canada 9 season will be a bit different because it will be void of an audience, meaning we likely won’t be able to get any spoilers until the episodes air or until the BBCAN9 Live Feeds return.

Additionally, this Big Brother Canada season will be one of the most diverse with the first transgender Canadian player and at least 50 percent of BIPOC being represented. We also kick this season off with a major twist: the BBCAN9 fans will get to vote on who to lead the two teams: Team Destiny and Team Defender. We’ll see the results of that vote tonight.

BBCAN9 Move-In Day:

It’s time to meet the new BBCAN9 houseguests. Let’s learn more about the new houseguests that will be the focus of our spring. The first two houseguests were Kiefer and Tina, and next host Arisa Cox informed them that they were chosen to be team captains. We then met four new houseguests: Julie, Tychon, Kyle, and Beth.

The second group consisted of Josh, Austin, Jedson, and LaToya, and the third group was Breydon, Victoria, Rohan, and Tera,

BBCAN9  Week 1 Vote:

After Canada voted, these are the team leaders and the official teams. Kiefer and Tina were picked as team captains and got to pick their team.

  • Team Defender’s Leader: Kiefer
  • Team Destiny Leader: Tina

Team Defender Includes:

  • Jedson
  • LaToya
  • Josh
  • Rohan
  • Julie
  • Breydon

Team Destiny Includes

  • Tychon
  • Tera
  • Kyle
  • Beth
  • Victoria
  • Austin

After Kiefer and Tina picked their teams, Arisa Cox explains that both captains are safe, and whoever wins the next competition keeps their entire team safe. The losing team, everyone is up for eviction. They will be playing the next few weeks as a team. Eventually, they’ll play as individuals again. Rohan and Victoria are the last two for their teams. Rohan slips and Victoria wins, making Team Destiny safe and Team Defenders: Jedson, LaToya, Josh, Breydon, and Julie up for eviction.

The winning team also won a nice meal and the losing team had to eat slop, at least for one day. We also learned that everyone gets to vote, except the winning team captain, Tina. If there is a tie, Tina votes. Even the nominates get to vote. Tomorrow’s episode will show the first live eviction.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for part 2 of Big Brother Canada 9 premiere week! The next episode airs at 8pm EST (so an hour later than this one).

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