Big Brother Canada 9: A BBCAN9 Houseguest Has Already Been Removed From Game. Here’s Why

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

The devil works hard but Big Brother Canada fans work harder. After the BBCAN9 cast was announced yesterday, fans have been busy finding as many tidbits and details as possible about the 14 new cast members. Today, things took a terrible turn when allegations of sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, and other things started to come about Ethan Quance. The 22-year old was a major topic of discussion on Twitter today.

Several BBCAN fans posted comments from Reddit, Youtube, and other platforms from people who claim to know Ethan or went to school with them. These allegations were very disturbing, and with so many of them coming out, they were hard to ignore.

BBCAN9 Ethan Quance

I attached a few tweets showing what Ethan was accused of doing and saying:

Many Big Brother Canada 9 fans have been tagging the official Big Brother Canada accounts to make them aware of this situation. Later today, they responded and posted this on their Instagram story:

The Instagram post made it official that Ethan (though not named) will no longer be competing on BBCAN9. Instead, someone else will replace him. No word yet if we will see Ethan’s replacement before Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 9 premiere, or if the show will just show the new player then. We also highly doubt BBCan9 will address Ethan’s allegations in the series, because we do not believe filming has begun yet on house activity,  and at the moment, nothing has been proven.

However, I think it’s a good thing that Ethan was removed so swiftly because it would have just created a cloud of controversy around the season. And after BBcAN8, I think most of us want this season to go smoothly without controversy. Also, everything Ethan has been accused of doing is terrible, and though we will never know if any of it’s true, many people wouldn’t want to root for someone with such serious allegations surrounding them.

Update: 10:05 pm EST: Ethan has been replaced by Kyle Moore. Read about Kyle here. 

What do you think of BBCAN9’s decision to remove Ethan from the Big Brother Canada 9 cast?

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