Big Brother Canada 8 Officially Stops Production Due to COVID-19

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

Big Brother Canada 8 is officially over. The BBCAN8 producers made the official announcement that production has halted on the series and the houseguests are going home. We suspected this might be the case after Doug Ford’s announcement and a lot feed outage. We’re sad to see the series go, but completely understand their decision.

The health and safety of the Toronto citizens, the BBCAN8 cast and crew comes first. This season has been plagued with bad luck from the start and this is just the cherry on top. We’ll continue to update you guys on any important post-BBCAN8 action, like possibly doing a shorter version in the fall, or something else of that nature.

I was looking forward to bringing you all the latest Big Brother Canada news, so this is a sad day for all. Hope to see you back next year and thanks for joining me. If the BBCAn8 episodes air on Wednesday March 25 and Wednesday April 1, and I’ll still recap those.

I’ll try to bring you guys exclusives like interviews with houseguests if possible. Stay safe everyone.

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