Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 10 Recap: The End Is Near…

Credit: Screencap by @89razorskate20

Big Brother Canada 8 ended early due the shutdown of all non-essential businesses. Despite the early departure, BBCAN8 will show two more episodes. One of them airs tonight and the other next Wednesday, April 1.

When BBCAN8 left off, Sheldon won Head of Household and nominated Carol and Minh-Ly. He wanted to eliminated Minh-Ly, but Carol insisted that the house respect her wishes and vote her out instead. She didn’t want to leave the game through self-eviction, but she felt that she could no longer continue playing Big Brother Canada.

Tonight, we’ll watch the week 4 Power of Veto Competition playout along with the Ceremony (possibly). The feeds went down before the Veto Ceremony when Susanne was trying to orchestrate a vote flip.

Arisa Cox explains that Big Brother Canada has come to an end.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations Fall-Out:

Minh-Ly is still Sheldon’s biggest threat, can he do anything to change Carol’s mind?

Carol says that she hopes that everyone respects her wishes and votes her out the game.  Sheldon expresses frustration that nonsense around the house keeps messing up his plans for the week. Minh-Ly believes that now Sheldon loves her because he saw her in a vulnerable position last week, but he really still wants her out the game. Awkward flirting ensues between them.

Sheldon and Brooke talk about how he regrets winning this HOH because Carol hijacked it. Chris gives Minh-Ly some advice on how to chill out to go further in the game. Minh-Ly tells Rianne and Madeline that she wants Sue out, and tries to pull them towards her side. She reminds them that they wanted her out.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition:

Sheldon announces that he decided not to play in the Veto, so he picks the Wendy’s vote altering competition. Sheldon still can’t play as HOH. The players chosen are Hira, Chris, and Vanessa were chosen to play along with nominees Carol and Minh-Ly. Sheldon chose John Luke to host.

Minh-Ly throws around the idea of her not using the Veto (she wants to make it look like she’s going with the house). Vanessa and Carol encourage her to use it which she wants. Hira, Chris, and Sue discuss taking Carol off the block to force her to self-evict and allow them to vote out Minh-Ly.

The houseguests must transfer 20 canon balls by walking on a beam. They must try to keep their balance, because if the balls fall off, they have to start again. The first player to balance all their balls and make it back to the castle wins the Veto.

Chris was in the lead but lost all his balls. He must start again. Hira and Minh-ly are in the lead. Then he zooms again.

Hira wins Veto!

Canada voted to give one have-not a meal, and gets to skip have-nots for the rest of week. Canada votes John-Luke.

More awkward flirting between Sheldon and Minh-Ly. Sue shares her frustration with this week. She discusses possibly flipping the vote to get rid of Minh-Ly, allowing Carol to just self-evict.

The houseguests receive an update about coronavirus. Sue breaks down about what goes on, and Chris tries to comfort her. He talks about how fortunate for them to be in here.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results:

Hira decides to not use the Veto.

Join us next Wednesday for the final recap of BBCAN8.

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