Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9 Recap: Week 4 HOH Results & Nominations

Credit: Screencap by @89razorskate20

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode shows us what events occurred after last week’s non-eviction and the Head of Household competition. When BBCAN8 ended on Thursday, the houseguests were just starting a new HOH competition that involved them holding on a bar: It was all about upper-body strength. A few houseguests had already dropped before the episode ended, and a few were on their way down.

Now we’ll see who takes the Head of Household crown and his or her plan of action for this BBCAN8 week.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Head of Household Results:

Who can hold on the longest and take the power this week?

Vanessa reveals that with Kyle gone, they pulled in Sue and Chris to form a new alliance five person alliance.

Chris, Vanessa, John-Luke, Sheldon, and and Hira are the final five. Then it gets to final three: Hira, Sheldon, and Chris. Hira doesn’t want to fall before Chris. It comes down to Sheldon and Chris for the win. Chris decides to let go to let Sheldon get more blood on his hands.

Sheldon is the new Head of Household.

Sheldon then makes John-Luke, Brooke, Sue, and Rianne the Have-Nots for the week. Brooke tells Sheldon that she believes he didn’t make the right move by winning HOH. She said that he should have let Chris win because he would have made the same move as them, but he would have had the blood on his hands.

Carol says that she is struggling in the house. She really misses her family, and she then goes to pitch to Sheldon that he put her on the block this week. She also says that she wants to go out on eviction night. Chris says that they need to get Minh-Ly out this week. They can get her out next week, and Carol reluctantly agrees to it.

Minh-ly decides to play up the fact that Carol really wants to go home this week and they should grant her request. Carol expresses to Brooke that she still really wants to leave the game. This starts to make her think that they should just take her out instead of letting her self-evict.

Sue starts to worry that if Minh-Ly stays and they evict Carol, then she or Vanessa will be the next out. She gets really upset about the idea of Carol leaving and not wanting to play.

Carol decides to have a house meeting to let everyone to know how serious this need to get out the house is for her. She tells them that her emotions are all over the place. The houseguests offer some understanding for her emotional state, but they also think that’s it a game and she’s messing with their games. Sheldon agrees to let Carol leave, but he’s not happy about how this is messing with his plans. He really regrets winning the HOH.

Sheldon receives the Wendy power necklace and must decide in 24-hours which power he prefers: He either gets to play in the Veto or take away someone’s vote. He only has this week to use it.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Nominations:

Who will see the block this Big Brother Canada week and will it even matter?

Sheldon’s short list includes Carol, Minh-Ly, and Rianne.

He decides to nominate Carol and Minh-Ly.

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