Big Brother Canada 8: Can This Season Be Saved? (Opinion Piece)

Credit: Screencap by @bbcan8livefeeds

I really enjoyed the first two weeks of Big Brother Canada 8. I liked that the cast included a variety of personalities: people who were ready to play hard, people ready for showmances, people who were entertaining, and likable and unlikable characters. I also liked that the season started off a bit unpredictable with Nico self-evicting and Chris targeting Micheal so early in the game. It was a nice distraction from the craziness going on across the globe. However, for me, BBCAN8’s decision to remove Jamar and Kyle put a big red x mark on the season.

I completely understand the arguments supporting and against BBCAN’s decision to remove both men. It just made everything a bit darker and less interesting. Then with Carol’s constant threats of self-eviction, it has made this season very somber and slightly annoying. Don’t worry Big Brother Canada 8 fans, whether you enjoy or don’t enjoy my writing and BBCAN coverage, you’re stuck with me until the season ends.  I’m not going to stop covering BBCAN8, but I hope that the season gets a lot better.

I was rooting for at least a handful of houseguests at the start of the season, either for gameplay or entertainment factors. However, the response to the Minh-Ly led house meeting and other’s behavior has made it slim-pickings on characters that I want to see win the game.  Some players who were playing very well have started to play sloppy or just lost a bit of their fight.

There are still a few players that I’m invested in and want to see go far, like Hira to me could be a quiet assassin once we get pass the jury portion of the game. A majority of the houseguests, I feel very apathetic towards now. I prefer seasons where I either really like a houseguest or really dislike one. Kyle was definitely in the villain category for me this year, so I was invested in his demise, but now with him gone, I have no one to root against.

I’m still hoping someone emerges as someone to completely root against, and others join Hira in my players I want to see win the game bracket.  I also don’t believe the season is completely over and dead. I think there are still ways to save Big Brother Canada 8 and here’s some ideas that I think might help:

Add More Personal Prizes

Right now family visits are too risky, but they could offer more family related prizes. Sheldon received videos from home for his Wendy’s dates, so maybe more competitions (non-Veto ones) could involve letters and family videos. It would offer a sense of comfort to the houseguests as they stress about events going on on the outside. It could also make them work a little harder to win because it’ll remind them of their families, who want and need them to win. I’m also a sucker and usually get teary watching their emotions with letters and videos from home, so this would possibly make me care about their game journey a little more.

Bring Someone Back

Sorry everyone, I know many of you want Micheal back but he can’t come back because he wasn’t sequestered. That would be unfair and against BB’s own rules. However, now, in terms of evictions, Big Brother Canada 8 is a week ahead of schedule. They could easily cancel a triple or double eviction to make the schedule still work, but they could also cancel or bring back a player from jury to make it work. Personally, I would love to see a canceled eviction but right after they blindside a player. Imagine the drama if they get rid of someone with a blindside, just for them to come right back. It would be so entertaining, especially if it was a player like Minh-Ly who was on the receiving end of a blindside.

Let Us Watch More Competitions On The Feeds

One of the biggest jokes surrounding BBCAN in general is that the feeds are never operating. The camera operators turn them off the minute any sign of something controversial, or even just a party. This can be frustrating, so why not let us see more HOH competitions play out on the feeds? I personally love when they do that button one because it usually happens on the feeds and lasts for hours. It is a very interesting one to watch live, so I think it would help get people back invested in the season if we could see more competitions play out on the feeds.

How Bad Do You Want It Competitions

I’m not saying I want the houseguests to suffer, but I kind of do. I want to see who is willing to eat slop for the rest of the season, or who will shave their head, or stay attached to their enemy for a week, or even who is willing to double cross someone for a cash prize. I want to see people’s true colors and passion exposed with a competition.

Up The Stakes Of The Mystery Power

We all know at some point, BBCAN8 will introduce a new power. It’s the reason behind the mystery room and the Expedia board. Why not make it an even more powerful prize, and really shake-up the game. Maybe whoever wins it gets to automatically advance to final four, or they can’t make nominations but they get to make three players ineligible for nominations that week. Just really make it a power that is totally game changing.

These are a few of my suggestions, so let us know yours: How do you think this season can be saved? Or do you think that it doesn’t need saving, it’s fine as it is? Or do you think there is nothing that can help this season? Let us know your opinions in the comment section!

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