Who Went Home Tonight? BBCAN8 Week 3 Eviction Recap (3/19/20)

Big Brother Canada 8 Sheldon began week 3 with confidence that everything would go smoothly. He would not cause any waves by just nominating Madeline and Rianne, but the Big Brother powers-that-be thought differently. Sheldon had one of the most eventful weeks so far, and that’s saying a lot with the first two weeks involving a self-eviction and a blindside.

Sheldon had to change his eviction plans when John-Luke and Maddy won the Power of Veto Competition, which allowed them both safety. Sheldon and Brooke’s original target Rianne remained on the block, but the duo decided to shift this week’s focus from Rianne to Minh-Ly.

Minh-Ly and Sheldon don’t mesh well together, and she started to create problems for Sheldon’s group. She wants to target Kyle and Vanessa gave her too much information, which spread around the house and got back to Kyle, who told Sheldon and Brooke. In Sheldon’s mind, this was all the confirmation that he needed to make Minh-Ly the renom.

Minh-Ly went on the block, but she won’t go down without a fight.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out:

Don’t expect Minh-Ly to just sit back and take her nomination and possible eviction without a fight.

Jamar and Minh-Ly aren’t happy with Sheldon’s decision to nominate her when he could have made a big by targeting Kyle or Chris. Kyle then works on trying to pull Maddy back to his side. He tells her that he’s not going after her.

Jamar rants to himself about people not making good moves. Minh then tells him that he’s probably next to leave if she goes.

The houseguests learn about COVID-19 from Big Brother. The houseguests receive letters from home.

BBCAN8 Week 3 House Meeting:

Minh-Ly decides to call a house meeting to air out who can really be trusted in the Big Brother Canada game.  Minh-Ly says that she wants to get to the bottom of the five person alliance with Sheldon.  Jamar decides to call Vanessa out for playing him.

Arisa Cox shot a video to reveal that Jamar was removed for stuff shown and not shown on the live feeds. She also said that they decided to remove Kyle from the game because of a pattern of behavior. They said all footage was viewed before making their decisions on both players.

Rianne and Minh-Ly’s eviction was canceled. They will also let Sheldon compete in this week’s HOH.

The houseguests get together as a unit and reset the game.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Eviction Vote:

There is no eviction this week.

BBCAN8 Week 4 Head of Household Competition:

The houseguests start a competition where they have to hang on a bar. The player to last longest wins.

Carol is first out, Brooke out, Rianne out, and it looked like Minh-Ly or Chris were about to fall next. The episode ended without a crowned winner, but return here a little later for a winner spoiler!

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