Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 7 Recap: Week 3 Veto Comp and Ceremony Madness

Screencap credit to @89razorskate20

Sunday’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode ended with Sheldon becoming the new Head of Household. Everyone likes Sheldon. He’s an inoffensive houseguest to most of the players, and many of them believe that he has their back. However, Sheldon’s real alliance includes Vanessa, Kyle, and Brooke. The houseguests really wanted to make a move against Kyle this week, as he seems to be a powerful force. However, Sheldon couldn’t strike against his alliance member, and he wanted to make the move that cause the least waves.

A lot has happened this Big Brother Canada week, especially after the Power of Veto Competition, but the episodes are still playing catch-up. Tonight’s we’ll see the Power of Veto Ceremony play out and how it alters or doesn’t alter the initial eviction plans. We may also get a sneak peek of the big BBCAN8 house meeting that acted as the catalyst for the chaos to come.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Nominations Fall Out:

Sheldon made a safe move by nominating Rianne and Madeline for eviction. Did he make the right move, or will the Evictors strike back?

Jamar expresses some dissatisfaction with Sheldon deciding to nominate Rianna and Maddy instead of making a big move. Maddy and Rianne also make it known that they’re not happy with this decision. Maddy talks to Sheldon about it, and Rianne talks to Brooke. Angie suggests that maybe John Luke didn’t help keep them off the block, and Maddy says that she can’t start distrusting him right now because he’s one of the few people that he knows he can’t trust.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Results:

Sheldon announces that this week’s competition happened in pairs and they had to transport balls using their body parts. The pairs were:

Madeline and John Luke

Vanessa and Minh-Ly

Kyle and Chris

Brooke and Susanne

Hira and Rianne

Sheldon picks Carol to host the competition. Sheldon asks Vanessa to throw the competition, because he doesn’t want Sheldon to win. She then tells Minh-Ly, but pins it on Brooke to not out her entire alliance. She then tells Carol and Hira what Vanessa told her. Minh then tells Kyle, and he tells Sheldon and Brooke.

Kyle decides that they can’t trust Vanessa, but Sheldon wants to talk it out with her. He calls her for a secret meeting with their alliance. Vanessa says being thrown into this meeting is intimidating. She then tries to make it seem like Minh is a liar and evil.

The Power of Veto Competition has an 80s prom theme. They have to transport 50 balls from the punchbowl to the glass only using their face. Both members of the team win safety for the week. They must catch the ball from flying in air.

Vanessa and Minh-ly start doing well, and Sheldon questions if she’s really throwing the comp. It’s a close game between Hira and Rianne, Maddy and John-Luke, and Vanessa and Minh.

Vanessa starts to throw the competition.

Maddy and John Luke win the Power of Veto competition!

Brooke and Sheldon discuss what to do with this development. Brooke thinks they still need to get rid of Rianne, and she suggests nominating Susanne to ensure her eviction. Sheldon talks to Minh-Ly and she suggests that he doesn’t know what’s going on in the game, and he says maybe she doesn’t. He also tells the DR that Minh has a way of getting in people’s head, so it might be time for her to go.

Sheldon warns Jamar that he plans to nominate Minh.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Sheldon is in a sticky position. Will he find a way out without getting his hands bloody?

Sheldon warns Minh-Ly that she will likely go on the block, and he sticks to his word.

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