Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6 Recap:Week 3 HOH Results & Nominations

So far, Big Brother Canada 8 has had a very exciting start to the season. If the Coronavirus doesn’t end up completely shutting down production before the season ends, then this could be one of the best seasons yet. The BBCAN8 house is full of gamers, entertaining characters, and unexpected moments. Last week, Micheal left the game, completing Chris’s Head of Household run. Chris’s HOH wasn’t as successful as he expected, as it put a big red target on his back and the back of one of his close allies, Kyle.

The BBCAN8 houseguests voted Micheal out, unfortunately leaving the Evictors alone to fight the good fight against a house majority.  The end of Thursday’s episode set the house up with a divide of those who wanted to work with Evictors and get Kyle out of the game, and those who were against the Evictors and wanted the rest of them out next, and then there were the middle players. They just wanted to sit back and watch everyone take each other out the game.

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode ended with the start of this week’s Head of Household competition. The houseguests had the opportunity to take out their enemies by putting yellow balls in their tube. Once a player received 10 balls in his or her tube, they were eliminated from this week’s Head of Household competition. The first four players eliminated became this week’s Have-Nots.

The last player to have all his or her tubes filled up became this week’s Head of Household.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Head of Household Results:

Who will take this week’s Head of Household crown? Will it be an Evictor? Kyle? One of his allies? Or someone completely unexpected?

Madeline is first eliminated and a Have-Not

Kyle is second eliminated and a Have-Not

Vanessa is third eliminated and a Have-Not

Angie is fourth eliminated and a Have-Not

Rianne is fifth eliminated

Minh-Ly is sixth eliminate

John Luke is eliminated

Carol is eliminated

Hira is eliminated

Brooke is eliminated

Susanne is eliminated

Jamar is eliminated

Sheldon is last left and becomes this week’s Head of Household!

Sheldon says that this is a great week to be in power because there are easy targets this week, and he can start building his resume.

Angie and Minh-Ly have it out about Minh-Ly putting so many balls in her tube.

Jamar tries to put it in Brooke’s head that they need to take out Kyle, the head of the snake. Brooke tries to divert the attention from Kyle by saying that Sheldon would become the next target. Meanwhile, John Luke tries to let Sheldon know that he’s a loyal person and could be an ally for him.

A new room appears and the houseguests look around for clues for a secret power, prize, or something of that nature.

Sheldon decides to take Maddy to Wendy’s because she’s been on slop (and probably going on the block). The Wendy server gives Sheldon a tablet from home. It’s his mom.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Nominations:

This week’s nominations set the tone for the week. It could be a very exciting or boring week depending on who the HOH decides to nominate.

Sheldon decides to take Maddy to Wendy’s because she’s been on slop (and probably going on the block). The Wendy server gives Sheldon a tablet from home. It’s his mom.

Maddy tries to campaign to keep herself off the block. He tells her that it’s easy to put two Evictors up because “everyone hates” them and he doesn’t talk game with them. Maddy realized that this Wendy’s meal was just to ease her being on the block. She then cries and whines about being on the block. She doesn’t get why it’s her and not someone else. Sheldon then jokes when Minh that she’s going on the block. He then tells her that the thing about her is that it would be easy to put her up, because everyone wants her out. He tells her that he might leave his plan a surprise.

Sheldon’s short list of noms include Maddy, John Luke, Rianne, and Minh.

He nominates Rianne and Maddy for eviction.

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