Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: The Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Plans

I expected this to be a very predictable and (slightly) boring but strategic week from Sheldon.  Things started out pretty good for him. He found out that he was one of the most popular players in the BBCAN8 house by receiving the least balls in his tube. Then he had quite a few options on who to nominate without making big waves. He could easily pick two of three options and call it a day. Big Brother Canada said no way in hell will I let that happen, and they threw in a twist with the Power of Veto competition.

The Power of Veto twist made whichever team won the Veto competition safe.  John Luke and Madeline were on the same team, and then they won the Veto. This meant that Sheldon lost two of his easy options. Rianne was always his intended target, but now things became more complicated, because he needed to put someone on the block who wouldn’t go home over her.

After the POV competition, Brooke and Sheldon spent a lot of time going over scenarios on who to nominate to get Rianne out. They concluded that no option would work to get her out. They had to cut their losses and pick someone else to get rid of this week. They even discussed possibly nominating and evicting one of their alliance members with Kyle, but they thought that would be a terrible idea for them.

Vanessa has been giving Minh-Ly information and it got back to Brooke, Sheldon, and Kyle. They started to question if they could really trust Vanessa, but Sheldon believed that Vanessa was still trustworthy. It was Minh-Ly that was causing the issues. They decided that Minh would be the safest option this week. Many people already wanted her out, so they wouldn’t really make any new enemies, and they would get someone out that they couldn’t completely trust. They only worried about how Jamar would take their decision to get rid of someone close to him.

Sheldon has already informed Jamar about his decision, and  Sheldon told Minh last night. She definitely wasn’t happy about the news but handled it better than Sheldon expected and now  he is more open to his original evict Rianne plan. If Minh puts in the work, she could save herself this week

Sheldon originally decided to try to pull Rianne, John Luke, and Maddy into a new alliance with him now that they could all possibly be safe. We’re not sure how this may all play out for Sheldon. It would have been better to nominate Carol, who is very likely to float until the end, as a safe bet against Rianne. Carol would have likely stayed against Rianne, and another Evictor would be out, further weakening that potentially powerful threesome.

Minh is not a bad choice because she has definitely rubbed many houseguests the wrong way, but she is just such a ticking time bomb that she will go out swinging. This could easily lead to a flip vote and a major target on Sheldon and Brooke’s back going forward. This is an exciting development either way, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out on Thursday.

What do you think of Sheldon potentially nominating Minh-Ly this week?

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