Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: The Nomination Plans For Week 3

Big Brother ended Thursday’s eviction episode with the start of the Big Brother Canada 8 week 3 Head of Household competition. Micheal had just left the game, and the three remaining Evictors really needed the HOH win, or they could watch another of them leave this week. John Luke has done a better job than Madeline and Rianne of trying to find a place to land with Micheal’s looming eviction. Maddy did the worst job of the three by continuing to further isolate herself.

Kyle has also made himself a target for many of the players. He may have needed a HOH win even more than the Evictors. Before the BBCAN8 episode ended, it was clear that Maddy would be the first player evicted from the competition.

The feeds returned about an hour after the BBCAN8 episode concluded to reveal Sheldon as the winner. This makes perfect sense with the nature of the HOH comp being to target your enemy and get them out. Sheldon doesn’t have many enemies at the moment. He wants to keep it that way. Sheldon and Brooke are a tight duo, so he shared with her his plans for the week.

Many players tried to have Sheldon target Kyle this week. This doesn’t work for Sheldon and Brooke’s game because they’re in an alliance with him, and they know that he’ll be a target before them. They worked on convincing their other allies that Kyle needs to stay right now.

Then they discussed keeping things simple by nominating Maddy and Rianne. They would prefer Rianne to go because she’s a much better player than Maddy,. They also discussed who the pawn would be if one of them came down. Brooke mentioned Minh-Ly but Sheldon said that wasn’t a good idea because she would definitely be the one voted out. They’re still working on the possible replacement nominee options if Maddy or Rianne comes off the block after the Veto comp.

Last night, Sheldon seemed set on nominating Maddy and Rianne, but the nomination ceremony doesn’t usually happen until late afternoon/early evening, so he has plenty of time to change his mind. We’ll keep you updated on who Sheldon actually nominates this week.

Do you think Sheldon is making the right decision by targeting the Evictors?

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