Big Brother Canada 8 Week 3 Head of Household Spoilers

The second Big Brother Canada 8 Head of Household competition played out today. Chris as outgoing HOH was ineligible to play in it. Unfortunately, he was probably one of the players that needs this week’s HOH immunity powers. He didn’t exactly have the best Head of Household reign. However, Chris isn’t nearly as big of a target (yet) as people would expect.

There are other bigger fish to fry in the BBCAN8 game. Chris is likely to see the block if a few players win the Head of Household competition. If Hira, Brooke, John Luke, Maddy, or Rianne win Head of Household, then we expect to see Chris nominated, but once again, he still might be fine in the game. It depends on who the HOH targets, and who sits next to Chris on the block.

Minh-Ly and Kyle are in greater game danger this week. Minh rubbed some people the wrong way, but her target isn’t nearly as big as Kyle. Kyle is public enemy number one. However, he has made some decent players his allies, and they might be able to maneuver this week and keep him safe. If this happens, who really knows how things play out.

The house may decide to go back to the usual format of early BBCAN seasons by picking a safe target (e.g. a player perceived as weak physically, someone annoying the house, a floater, etc.), or they might keep up the momentum that Chris started by going after big players, or even further weakening the Evictors by taking out one more of them. We just don’t know, but we’re excited to see how it plays out.

It all depends on this week’s Head of Household winner. So who won this week’s Head of Household competition?

For the Head of Household Competition, houseguests had to race down a slippery lane searching for yellow balls. They then must put those balls in the tubes of the houseguest they wished to eliminate. Once a player had ten balls in their tube, they were eliminated. The first four players to get eliminated become Have-Nots.

The last player to have his or her tube filled becomes HOH.

BBCAN8 Week 3 Head of Household Results:

  • Sheldon Won it

Are you happy with the results?

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