Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother Canada 8 house has really been living up to the unpredictable nature of Big Brother factor. We never know where things will land in the game. We witnessed this mostly with Chris Head of Household reign.

He took out a big potential threat in Micheal and weakened The Evictors, who could have become a power force in the Big Brother game, but now they’re at the bottom and scavenging to stay afloat. It’s not all about The Evictors as Kyle and Chris didn’t have the best week. The target could really go anywhere depending on who takes power. Fortunately for Kyle, one of his allies gained control this week.

Sheldon plans to just take out another Evictor and make this an easy week for him and his allies. He started this plan by nominating Rianne and Madeline for eviction during yesterday’s nomination ceremony.

If one of them wins the Veto, then things could get interesting, because this week’s Veto competition had a bit of a twist. It was a competition played in pairs. The pairs went as followed:

Maddy and John Luke

Rianne and Hira

Brooke and Susanne

Chris and Kyle

Minh-Ly and Vanessa

The two people who win Veto will be safe this week.

This could possibly result in two Evictors being safe this week and forcing Sheldon to make an enemy or two. So who won this week’s POV?

BBCAN8 Power of Veto Competition Results:

  •  Madeline and John Luke Won It.

So this means John Luke and Maddy are safe and Sheldon’s week might be screwed. He now has to name a replacement nom that’s not an Evictor and hope for the best with Rianne or pick a new target.

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