Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: The Houseguests Learn About The Coronavirus

The Big Brother Canada 8 Live Feeds were down for nearly two hours today. This isn’t out of the ordinary, because feeds go down quite a lot for various reasons, like competitions, special powers, to keep things PG, etc.,. However, the feeds returned to big news: the BBCAN8 houseguests finally learned about the coronavirus. The coronavirus has been around before the houseguests were sequestered, but it reached its peak while they were in the house.

Big Brother Canada chose to go without an audience on Thursday’s eviction, and that caused the houseguests to wonder what was going on. Big Brother tries not to let the houseguests know too much about what’s going on outside of the game, but something as impactful and critical as the coronavirus definitely is something that needs sharing with the houseguests.

Big Brother informed the houseguests about the severity of the situation, and let them all have letters from their families. More details and this segment of Big Brother will probably air on Wednesday or Thursday’s episode. We’re glad that Big Brother Canada let them know what’s going on and allowed them to have letters as a sense of reassurance and comfort that they’re family is okay during this pandemic.

Join us later tonight for another BBCAN8 recap.

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