Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Will Jamar Be Expelled From The BBCAN8 House?

Update: 3:47 pm on 3/17/20-Jamar has officially been removed from the house. Full story here.

Following the Big Brother Canada house meeting,house meeting, the feeds went down for the rest of the night. They have yet to return. Jamar became pretty upset after a conversation with Vanessa, Chris, and  Kyle during the meeting. 

Jamar became emotional about the fact that he had been lied to and played in the game. He also didn’t appreciate what he believed was acting from Vanessa who apparently cried to him a few times about various house related things. Jamar specifically called out Chris to try to get answers from him about whether he was really on his side or just saying he was to manipulate him in the game. Many people during the meeting were laughing and joking, treating the meeting like a joke, which Jamar also didn’t take too well. 

At the end of the house meeting, Jamar and Kyle really started to go after each other verbally–in their very Canadian way (as in nothing that harsh was really said, just an escalation of anger). Jamar called Kyle “goofy” and said things would be handled differently if they were outside the house. He also made a boom noise that Kyle took as a threat of violence. 

Other houseguests also implied that it was as well and said they felt “uncomfortable” by Jamar’s behavior during the meeting. He apologized and said he wasn’t trying to make anyone feel that way.  Minh-Ly and Madeline both tried to defend Jamar and said that he was just being emotional and didn’t mean anything as a threat. 

Jamar was called to the Diary room as Kyle and others continued to say Jamar’s behavior was threatening. A person running Jamar’s social media page said last night that someone on the production team mentioned that Jamar was still in the Diary room blowing off steam as they tried to figure out what to do about this situation.

Big Brother takes houseguests’ safety very seriously and violence or threats of it can result in an expulsion. I personally don’t think Jamar’s behavior or actions were threatening or cause for an expulsion, but the houseguests saying that they felt uncomfortable with Jamar’s behavior could very well end in his early exit. We hope that Jamar is allowed to continue and we as fans  are just freaking out over nothing but the extra long feeds outage isn’t looking good for his chances to continue in game.

What do you think BBCAN8 should do? Should Jamar be allowed to stay or be removed from the game? If you saw the meeting, how did you interpret Jamar’s behavior?

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