Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Minh-Ly Calls An Explosive House Meeting

Big Brother Canada 8 is the season that keeps on giving. We knew that the minute Minh-Ly became an option to go on the block that the house would take a major turn, at least in terms of entertainment and game play. She did not disappoint.

Minh-Ly decided to call a house meeting to expose lies told about her. Her main goal was to expose Vanessa for saying that Minh-Ly was the one who told about a five-person alliance involving Sheldon. The plan was to get some major lies out in the open and put a spotlight on players like Kyle and Vanessa. It didn’t help Minh as much as it caused people to become upset.

Here are some of the main points from the first BBCAN8 house meeting (it starts around 4:05pm EST):

  • Jamar gets really upset and emotional about people lying to him and pretending to be on his side. He specifically calls out Vanessa and Chris.
  • Vanessa says the way that Jamar spoke to her makes her feel threatened.
  • Big Brother calls Jamar into the Diary Room after Kyle says some of the things Jamar said implied he wanted to shoot him after the season ends.
  • Minh-Ly calls everyone out individually to confirm that she never told them to throw the HOH competition. When she gets to Angie, Angie says that she never speaks to her.
  • Kyle is the main topic of the meeting and Minh-Ly compares him to BBCAN7 winner Dane. She says if they don’t get him out soon, he’ll win the season.
  • Vanessa exposes something Minh-Ly allegedly said about Susanne’s boyfriend needing to breakup with her because of all the flirting.
  • Madeline sticks up for Jamar when everyone says his emotional reaction is too much.
  • Minh-Ly says that she wants to go after shady people and that’s why they should keep her in the house. She’s not scared to call people out or make big moves.
  • Sheldon refuses to engage in Minh-Ly’s questioning or the meeting.

This was a very good house meeting for drama. We can’t wait to see what else happens this week with Minh-Ly doing whatever it takes to stay in the game. We have to respect a player with this much fire.

Click the images to get a closer look at this week’s Big Brother Canada 8 house meeting.

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