Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Will This Week’s Eviction Be Canceled?

Big Brother Canada 8 took an unfortunate and dramatic turn this week when the production team decided to remove Jamar from the game. This happened after a BBCAN8 house meeting turned into a passive aggressive exchange between Kyle and Jamar. Jamar made statements that implied a physical altercation could happen between them after the game. His action was a response to Kyle egging on the situation and trying to get a rise out of him.

The events of the house meeting will air on tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode, and then those who missed it, can make their own judgment about Jamar’s actions. Whether you believe production made the right or wrong move by removing Jamar doesn’t matter, because he still left the game, leaving a huge question mark on tonight’s eviction: Will the production team proceed with the normal Thursday plans or cancel this eviction?

I believe that production will cancel this week’s Big Brother Canada 8 live eviction vote. Jamar leaving puts them right on target with the number of people in the game and number of evictions. Allowing Rianne or Minh-Ly to leave puts them a week ahead of scheduled evictions, this would mean either a cancelled double or triple eviction. Double and triple evictions bring a lot of buzz and excitement, so we’re sure that BBCAN8 doesn’t want to lose those huge ratings events.

Letting the eviction continue as followed would force a complete restructure of the season and we’re sure that that’s the last thing the Big Brother Canada team wants at such a stressful time in and out of the game.

I would be completely shocked if this weeks’ eviction happened.  If it does happen, the houseguests plan to vote out Minh-Ly, making her the fourth person to leave the game.

Let us know in the comment section: Do you think Big Brother Canada 8 will continue with this week’s vote?

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