Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Carol Threatens To Self-Evict Again…

Credit: Screencap by @89razorskate20

Last week, Big Brother Canada had to talk Carol off the edge of self-eviction. It took a while, but she agreed to stay. This season of Big Brother Canada is starting to feel a bit cursed (Maki’s curse seem to have been delayed until this season), and if Carol leaves, this season really is a strange one.

Things started off bad when Nico decided to self-evict instead of staying for the first BBCAN8 eviction vote. And recently, Big Brother Canada removed Jamar from the game. If they lose four players this soon, and three from self-evictions or removals, then Big Brother Canada may decide to cut plans for a supersized season.

We definitely don’t think Carol will actually leave the game. We believe production will talk her out of it, but the feeds went down yesterday and haven’t returned. The last time that happened, Jamar had left the game, so we want to take her threat serious this time just in case. However, I really believe and hope that it’s an idle threat. We don’t want to lose anymore players under crazy circumstances.

What do you think? Did Carol really leave? Or will production stop it?

Join us later tonight for another BBCAN8 recap.

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