Big Brother Canada 8 Spoilers: Will Another Player Self-Evict?

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

The new season of Big Brother Canada began with a bang. Host Arisa Cox announced the latest twist: Canada voted on the players they wanted to save, and the four with the least votes would face eviction. This left Nico, Chris, Susanne, and Minh-Ly in danger of being the first BBCAN8 player evicted. Minh-Ly and Chris won themselves safety through two physical and mental competitions. This left Susanne and Nico to face off through a typical eviction vote.

Nico was down on himself , especially starting the game knowing that Canada didn’t support him. He also felt that he had no chance to beat Susanne in a vote. Minh-Ly even risked her game by trying to put in a little work to keep Nico safe.  In the end, Nico chose to self-evict. This was the first time ever in Big Brother Canada history that someone left the game through a self-eviction. And now it looks like another player may follow in Nico’s footsteps.

Chris’s plan as Head of Household was to nominate Brooke and Hira as pawns, and then backdoor Micheal this week. Yesterday, Hira, Brooke, Carol, Madeline, and Vanessa played in the Veto competition. Hira ended up taking the victory, but all the players felt extremely exhausted and beat up after it. Carol, especially, started to question if Big Brother was the game for her. She started to wonder if she could physically handle the demands of the competitions.

Carol also spoke about usually being a big personality, but this wasn’t the case in the Big Brother Canada house. She also missed her family. After the Veto competition, she seriously discussed possibly self-evicting. She decided to give it a night to think about, but this morning she continued to think about it. The BBCAN8 feeds cut today and have been down for hours. When the feeds returned, it was revealed that the producers were able to convince Carol to not self-evict. For now, the week continues as scheduled.

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