Big Brother Canada 8 Premiere Week Episode 2: Who Goes Home?

Big Brother Canada dropped a major bombshell on the houseguests during the premiere episode. It was revealed that there would be no Head of Household competition, and instead, Canada voted all week to keep some of them safe. The four BBCAN8 houseguests with the least votes would be in immediate danger for eviction. The only way to stop their impending eviction would be to win one of two competitions, and then to try to use their social game to remain safe. Facing immediate danger would really help determine who were the villains and heroes of Big Brother Canada 8.

The first competition played out during the episode. The four houseguests in danger: Chris, Nico, Minh-Ly, and Susanne had to use their strength to stay safe. Each houseguest held on to a string holding a car. Chris and Nico were pretty confident in their ability to dominate this competition, but in the end, it came down to Susanne and Minh-Ly. And Minh-Ly took home the victory, guaranteeing her safety and sending Nico, Chris, and Susanne to fight it out in a mental competition.

Tonight, we’ll see who wins the second competition, who goes up on the block, and who becomes the first person evicted from the BBCAN8 game, even before feeds start!

Chris goes to work trying to win allies to save himself if he remains on the block. He works to build relationships, starting with Madeline. Nico is a little annoyed to already be facing adversity. Minh-Ly and Jamar start a flirtmance.

Nico starts to already feel the weight of the Big Brother Canada game.

BBCAN8 Mental Competition:

No one wants to be the first person evicted from the game, so all three players will be giving it their all. Additionally, this competition should give the houseguests (and viewers) a look at which of these three might have the best mental prowess.

The houseguests had to look at live action figures (houseguests dressed as action figures). Then answered true or false questions.

The first one was The Floater (John Luke), the second The Showmances (Michael and Madeline), the third The Bitter Juror (Vanessa), and the fourth The Comp Beast (Kyle).

1st Round-Everyone gets a point

2nd Round-Only Nico gets a point

3rd Round-Susanne and Chris get points

4th Round-Chris gets a point

5th Round-Nico gets a point

6th Round-Chris gets a point

Chris wins the Mental Comp!

Nico and Susanne are on the block and up for eviction.

BBCAN8 First Vote and Eviction:

Jamar tries to give Susanne a peptalk because she breaks down. Susanne starts working that social game hard. She wants to form an alliance with Carol, Brooke, Sheldon, and Kyle.

Minh-Ly tells everyone that she’s annoyed when people come in the room and make noise. Kyle responds by saying does Minh-Ly think that the world revolves around her.

Madeline, Rianne, John Luke, and Micheal form an alliance called The Evictors.

Nico doesn’t want to put in work to stay in the game. Minh-Ly tries to get him to campaign. Minh-Ly then starts to campaign for Nico, and Carol tells Susanne.

Nico gets really depressed about his game. Hira tries to keep him to stay in the game, but Nico doesn’t see the point of staying through to eviction. He goes to the Diary Room and discusses being miserable. Nico decides to self-evict. The eviction vote gets cancelled.

BBCAN8 Week 2 Head of Household:

The houseguest had to try to land their ball in a basket. The houseguest to hit the highest number because Head of Household.



John Luke-23


We’ll have to wait for Sunday to see who won…but we’ll post the spoilers in a little while.

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