Big Brother Canada 8 Week 2 Head of Household Spoilers

The first two Big Brother Canada season 8 episodes had a lot of juicy drama. We first met the new Big Brother Canada houseguests, one of which was dubbed by her ex-boyfriend as a Medusa, another who sported a really loud suit into the game, and a few in the mood for a potential showmance. It wasn’t all fun and games as the two-night premiere ended in the first ever self-eviction of Big Brother Canada with Nico deciding to leave instead of facing the vote.

Now that the houseguests have been living together for about a week,  the BBCAN8 houseguests have begun to form alliances and bonds. They know their threats to victory and makes strike now or suffer the consequences later.

The Big Brother Canada 8 live feeds officially kick off tonight and we’ll finally know a little more about what’s been going on in the game and house. However, we already know who won the first Head of Household of the season due to Twitter spoilers. So want to know who is the new BBCAN8 HOH? Read below to find out!

BBCAN8 Week 2 Head of Household Results

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