Big Brother Canada 8 Premiere Recap: The New Houseguests Take On Big Brother

Tonight, Big Brother Canada kicks off its supersized season. This year, we’ll spend more time than ever with the new houseguests. The new BBCAN8 supersized season launches with a special 2-night premiere. The first part airing tonight and the second on Thursday. The first night of the Big Brother Canada 8 premiere starts with an introduction to the 16 new houseguests trying to take the BBCAN8 winner title back to their hometown. We have a new exciting crop of characters, everyone from a “Brain Transformation Specialist” to an accountant. These contestants come from all walks of life. This should make for a fun season ahead.

Big Brother Canada 8 is all about superheroes and supervillains with a dazzling house to match.  The world of Big Brother is about to get a lot more crazy with this unique and fun theme.

BBCAN8 Move-In:

The houseguests meet their new best friends, crushes, and enemies as they begin to enter the game and see the intensity that waits for them. There is no rest for the wicked as Big Brother starts the game immediately.

We meet the first six houseguests, including “a narcissistic Medusa”, which is honestly one of the best insults I’ve heard in awhile. They are Sheldon, Brooke, Minh-Ly, Chris, Angie, and Kyle. The first six look around before the next five get ready to make their move into the house. The next five are Susanne, Carol, Micheall, Madeline, and Jamar.  Madeline and Micheal…I can already smell a showmance brewing.

The final five houseguests as John Luke, Rianne, Hira, Nico, and Vanessa. One is a lobster fishermen and wants to beat people but do it with a smile.  The houseguests started talking and getting to know each other. Minh-Ly and Jamar bond over their strong personalities. Micheal lies about his profession and claims he works at a yoga clothing company.

BBCAN8 Week 1 Vote Results:

BBCAN8 decided to start this week a little differently with a major vote for safety. Canada got to decide who to keep safe, and the bottom four players have to compete for safety this week. Will your favorites survive this week?

Host Arisa Cox announces that there is a major twist and the houseguests may have to use their superpower to save themselves. She tells the houseguests that there is no Head of Household this week. She then reveals that their video profiles have been online and Canada has been voting on their favorites.

Arisa then announces the four houseguests in danger…Susanne, Nico, Chris, and Minh-Ly. They then have three chances to save themselves. The first requires super strength, the second mental, and the third challenge requires their social skills to save themselves. The first challenge starts tonight.

Vanessa and Brooke encourage Chris and Minh-Ly to fight hard for their place in the game.

For the challenge, the houseguests had to hold on to a string holding up a car. The last player to let go of his or her string won safety;

Nico and Chris were really struggling, but Minh-Ly and Susanne seemed to found a rhythm.  Chris was the first eliminated after 20 minutes. Nico left next, leaving it to Minh-Ly and Susanne.  After nearly 40 minutes, Susanne loses control, leaving Minh-Ly to safety.

Tomorrow we get to see who wins the second challenge, who goes on the block, and experience the first eviction vote!

Make sure to join us tomorrow and Sunday night for more Big Brother Canada 8 recaps! The live feeds start on Thursday, so make sure to check back for the latest and greatest BBCAN8 spoilers.

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