Big Brother Canada 8: BBCAN8 House Revealed! [PICTURES]

BBCAN8 House-HOH Room

Big Brother Canada 8 premieres in a little over a week. This means that this week should involve many major BBCAN8 reveals. Likely, the Big Brother Canada 8 cast either gets leaked or revealed at some point this week.  We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to see who walks into the BBCAN8 house and what this means  for the impending season.

Global TV and Big Brother Canada decided to start the week off with a bang: we got the first official look at the new house. The house seems to have a superhero theme, which fits right in with BBCAN8’s supersized promotional campaign. BBCAN6 began the season theme heavy. The heaven and hell theme led to a vote that sent two angels into the game, and then a day 1 competition that divided the house by putting some people in hell.

BBCAN7 also had the spy theme that led to a new houseguest entering the game and a secret task. We expect the superhero theme to take up a major place in at least the first part of the game. This may mean the first competitions of the season start with something like superheroes vs villains.

This could also mean that Canada votes in one or two new players, one as a possible villain and the other a hero. There has been much speculation that BBCAN8 will either involve returning players or a complete all-star season. Returning players scenario would work perfectly for a superhero vs villain vote. Maybe four returning players will have a chance to reenter the game: two players considered Big Brother Canada villains and two considered heroes.

There are so many possibilities with this superhero theme so now we’re even more excited for BBCAN8 to start.

The BBCAN8 house in general seems to have had a major, glamorous makeover. Those sponsorships seem to have really come in handy for the Big Brother Canada world. Our favorite parts of the new design are the diary room and the HOH-Superman-ice-fortress-type room. Let us know what’s your favorite part of the new BBCAN8 design? And what you think of it overall?

Click the images to get a closer look of the BBCAN8 house

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