Big Brother Canada 8: What We Know So Far About BBCAN8

According to the Groundhog, spring comes early this year. With spring, comes Big Brother Canada. In June, GlobalTV announced that Big Brother Canada would be back for Big Brother Canada 8. We were left to wonder how this new season would improve and stay true to past seasons. Big Brother Canada 7 divided fans a bit with the domination of The Pretty Boys alliance. Now everyone is ready for some new Big Brother in their lives.

We knew to expect Big Brother Canada 8 to premiere in March, like with previous seasons, but we didn’t know much else. There has been a lot of speculation with Big Brother Canada 8. Many fans are hoping and dreaming of the series’ first all-star season, or at least a blend of vets and newbies like with Big Brother Canada 5. We’ll have to wait until later this month (or very early March) to get some real answers, but here’s everything we know so far about Big Brother Canada 8.

When Does BBCAN8 Premiere?

A few weeks ago, GlobalTV announced that Big Brother Canada 8 premieres on March 4 at 7:00pm EST. It has a special two night premiere on Wednesday, March 4 at 7:00pm EST and Thursday March 5 at 8:00pm EST. The next episode airs on Sunday March 8 at 8:00pm EST.

What Days Does BBCAN8 Air?

Per usual, Big Brother Canada airs three nights a week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The times may change, but right now, the schedule should follow the same as the premiere week. This means Thursday and Sunday’s episodes at 8:00pm EST and Wednesday’s episode at 7:00pm EST, to accommodate Survivor.

Who Hosts BBCAN8?

The lovely and talented Arisa Cox once again returns to host BBCAN8.

Is There Any Trailers Or Teasers For BBCAN8?

GlobalTV released one Big Brother Canada 8 teaser, but it shows footage from BBCAN7 and doesn’t reveal much. We’ll have to wait until after the cast reveal for a juicer trailer.

When Will We Meet The BBCAN8 Houseguests?

The Big Brother Canada website went into details about a special airing on March 1. It’ll include exclusive interviews with the new houseguests, a look back at previous seasons, and Arisa Cox talking about the show’s impact. Based on this, we can assume that GlobalTV will reveal the BBCAN8 cast a few days before March 1 or the morning of March 1. So expect the Big Brother Canada 8 cast reveal the week of February 24.

How Can Fans Watch The BBCAN8 Live Feeds? offers free Big Brother Canada 8 Live Feeds to Canadians. Those residing in other countries will have to use a good VPN (which we’ll get to in a later post) to stream the Live Feeds.

There aren’t many details out there yet about Big Brother Canada 8, but there is enough to get us very excited.

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