Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Who Will Be the First Pretty Boy to Leave?

We are very close to the Big Brother Canada 7 finale. Before we can get there, we have two more evictions. Tonight, we’ll see the final five houseguests become the final four. At the start of the week, Head of Household Kyra was set on evicting either Dane or Adam. The plan to take out Adam got eliminated when he won the Power of Veto. So that should have meant the automatic game death of Dane?

Of course not, because Big Brother Canada 7 is the year of really questionable moves. Instead Anthony changed his mind on evicting Dane. He now plans to evict Mark. Adam was always going to vote out Mark, and Kyra thought they would get the last vote. They expected a tie where they would be the tie breaker.

However, Anthony and Dane both helped sway Kyra to wanting Mark out the game. Now we expect the votes to go as followed:

Adam VTE Mark
Anthony VTE Mark

Mark leaves the Big Brother Canada 7 house.

Anthony told Kyra that he would tell Mark about him being the one to leave on Thursday. We’ll have to wait to see Mark’s reaction, and whether he can pull off a last minute vote change.

Who do you want to see leave the Big Brother Canada 7 house tonight? And who do you think will leave it?Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Will the Twist Send Someone Home?

Image screencapped by 89razorskate20

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