Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 7 Premire

Only four players left in the Big Brother Canada 7 house. Anthony, Kyra, Adam, and Dane are so close to the end of the game. Since they’re this far in the game, no one wants to leave the house in fourth place. They have all made each other promises of final three or final two. However, everyone knows that you should never rely on anyone to take you to the end. You have to ensure you make it there.

Kyra can’t play in this Head of Household competition, so it’ll be a Pretty Boy showdown. Dane and Adam have the most combined wins (and separate wins) of the season. However, that doesn’t guarantee that one of them will win the Head of Household. Last week, Kyra surprised everyone by beating three Pretty Boys to become HOH. There is a good chance that Dane and Adam might feel too much pressure and choke. There is also a chance this competition might be one that Anthony excels at. It really could be anyone’s Head of Household.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Head of Household Results

  • Dane won it

Are you happy this Pretty Boy won the final three HOH?

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