Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 25 Recap: Adam vs the House

Last Sunday’s Big Brother Canada episode ended with Kyra committing a major game betrayal (but the biggest move of the season) by nominating her ally Adam for eviction. A major reason for them nominating Adam was because Anthony got in their head. He convinced Kyra that going after Dane and Adam would be a huge game move, instead of going after Mark.

He wasn’t completely wrong, but he also denied his part in the discussion last week about Kyra going on the block. Once Adam hit the block, he threw the Pretty Boys under the bus. He exposed them to Kyra. Kyra then claimed that they knew all along what was going on. To which Adam responded, but you did nothing about it? Touché Adam touché.

Tonight we see more of the fall out from Adam going on the block. We also see if he can save himself with the Power of Veto competition.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Nominations Fall Out

Adam is on the block by one of his closest game allies. He also know two of the Pretty Boys, his ride or dies from day one, had a major part in this decision. Can Adam keep his cool?

Kyra tries to explain to Dane and Adam why she had to make this move. Adam and Kyra start to argue about how Kyra has no chance to win (according to Adam). He also explains how the Pretty Boys formed and how they won’t vote for anyone but a Pretty Boy to win. Kyra then pulls Anthony alone to ask him about this alliance and if Anthony said their name last week.

Anthony denies it, but Adam and him argue some. Then they pull in Mark to confirm Anthony’s denial.

Family Visit

The houseguests’ moms and friends enter the house to tour the BBCAN7 house. The houseguests are locked in the Leon Lounge when it all goes down. They get to just watch them.

After enjoying time together and in the house, the moms and Mark’s friend must decide which one of them gets some time with their family. They decide that Kyra should get some time with her mom. Then each one of them gets some time with their family. They also all hug the other people’s family members.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Competition

Adam and Dane have won the most competitions all season. Now they’re both on the block. Likely, one of them will win this Veto, but which one?

Everyone finally gets to play in this Veto. The houseguests must steal jewels. Each jewel has a different value, so it’s not about number but what type of jewel you get. They can only go for the jewels when there are no lasers.




You need jewels to balance on a wall, so you have to be careful about what you take. You also have to move fast because the lasers only go off for a short time.

Dane falls off his wall and gets eliminated.

Kyra asks the other guys to let Adam have this Veto. Everyone remains silent. Adam worries that Anthony and him are close in the number of jewels they’ve collected, so he goes for the jewels with the greater values, but they’re hard to reach. Kyra falls off next. It’s only one more round left.

Adam wins the Power of Veto with 39 points.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto change anything this week?

Dane wants to make sure that Mark goes on the block. Then he wants to make sure he has Anthony’s vote. Anthony asks him if he had a final two deal also with Adam. He half-heartedly confirms it, so Anthony tells him that he’s not sure if he has his vote.

The Pretty Boys get a little emotional about not making the final four together.

Adam uses the Veto on himself. Kyra names Mark as the replacement nominee. 

Tomorrow either Dane or Mark will leave the Big Brother Canada house at final five.

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