Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 24 Recap: The Final Five

Only two more evictions before we get to the Big Brother Canada 7 finale. This Thursday is the last live eviction before the finale; the fourth place finisher will go out in a quiet eviction. No one wants to leave in fifth place but someone has to do it. In a few days, we’ll be down to our final three players. Then in a little over a week, we’ll be seeing the Big Brother Canada 7 winner crowned.

Love it or hate it, this season has been all about the Pretty Boys. They defied the odds, and their egos, to make it to the final five players. They’re only one eviction away from making it as the final four, and making Big Brother history. The only player standing in their way is Kyra. Kyra has played an interesting game. They haven’t won many competitions and been a major pawn in the Pretty Boys’ plans.

However, they’ve shown skills at certain parts of the game. They were the first player to suspect the Pretty Boy alliance, and they helped get out a few major players. Will this be the week that Kyra goes home or shows themselves to be a worthy Big Brother Canada winner?

BBCAN7 Week 9 Eviction Fall Out

It was another double eviction and the Pretty Boys dominated. They won the Head of Household and Veto, which helped secure that Este and Damien went right out that Big Brother Canada doors.

The Pretty boys and Kyra are happy that they’re one step closer to the finals. The Pretty Boys are excited about being one step closer to BBCAN history.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Head of Household

Last week’s eviction episode concluded without the start of this week’s HOH competition. Now it’s time to see who can secure a spot in the final four They must answer BBCAN7 trivia- facts to earn points. Only the first three to buzz in can earn points.

Question #1-Kyra, Mark, and Kyra earn points.

Questions #2- Kyra earns a point.

Question #3- Adam and Kyra earn points.

Question #4- Kyra earns a point.

Question #5- Anthony, Adam, and Kyra earn points.

Questions $6- they all earn a point (missed which two besides Kyra)

Question 7- Kyra gets it and wins HOH

Kyra is the new Head of Household!

Adam starts working on making sure that Kyra doesn’t nominate Dane and himself. Kyra starts to think about her game moving forward. She’s close with Adam, but thinks he’s more loyal to Dane. They also believe they can beat Mark in the finals, and Anthony isn’t much of a comp threat. They want to make a big move moving forward.

Big Brother gives the houseguests a task to study the evidence room. They then must answer trivia questions about it to win freedom from being a Have-Not for rest of season. If they lose the comp, they all must become HNs, including Kyra. Obviously, they lose. And obviously it’s a prank by Big Brother.

They’re freed from being HNs for the rest of the season.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Nominations

It’s all fun and games until you have to put an ally on the block.

Mark and Anthony then work on getting Kyra to nominate Adam and Dane instead of either of them.

Kyra takes Anthony to the Wendy’s date. Erika from BBCAN6 is the one to give them their order. Anthony then works to ensure Kyra puts up Dane and Adam. Anthony and Kyra also talk about making the final two together. In DR, Kyra says that no one is going to run their HOH. If they nominate someone, it’s going to be their choice.

Kyra nominates Adam and Dane.

Adam isn’t happy at all, and says they he should have put them up when Mark and Anthony tried to get them up. Kyra tells Adam that they know he’s loyal to them, but more loyal to Dane. And angry Adam exposes the Pretty Boys to Kyra, who claims that they knew the whole time.

Image screencapped by BBCAN Daily

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