Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Veto Competition Results

Tonight is a key night for Adam’s game. If he wins this Veto, he increases his chances to make it to the final two. He would also get really close to solidifying his spot in the competition hall of fame. It’s basically going to be a battle of the Big Brother Canada 7 titans as the two best competitors face off during this Veto competition, which could save one of their games. Dane and Adam have basically traded off competition wins, especially Head of Household ones, all season.

It’s more than likely going to come down to one of them winning this Veto. They both really need it, because not only do they have competition wins, but they have the best chances to win the entire game. One of them definitely needs to leave this week if Anthony, Mark, or Kyra want any chance of winning the game.

If Adam doesn’t win the Veto, he’s most likely leaving the game. However, Dane is just as juicy of a target. Logically, Dane should be the target because he has the best chance of winning the jury votes. However, Anthony isn’t crazy about Adam, so he’ll for sure push to get rid of Adam until the very last minute.

So who actually won this week’s Veto competition?

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Veto Competition

  • Adam won it.

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