Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Nominations

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This week took a turn for the unpredictable when Kyra became the latest Head of Household. This put a huge wrench into the Pretty Boys’ plans. They were one eviction away from making history and making it to final four together. Now Kyra becomes the first player to finally take out a Pretty Boy. The question remains…but which Pretty Boy?

Logically, their closest ally Adam should be safe. The other remaining Pretty Boys, Mark, Dane, and Anthony shouldn’t be feeling safe at all. However, like the many bad moves this season, once again the don Anthony is the only player most likely safe this week.

Kyra switched their target a few times in less than 24-hours. At first, they wanted Mark out, then switched to Dane, and now it’s not looking good for Adam if he stays on the block. The Pretty Boys are officially divided and trying to push their agenda during Kyra’s HOH. Mark and Anthony want to try to get Adam out. Dane and Adam are trying to get out Mark.

Kyra is just a pawn in their game. And right now, Anthony has the biggest pull on Kyra. He’s getting them to see Adam as the enemy. Therefore, he must go this week. As always, a lot could change once the Veto is played.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Nominations

  • Kyra nominated Dane and Adam for eviction.

Are you excited or disappointed to see a Pretty Boy leave this week? And which one would you prefer to see leave on Thursday?

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