Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

At the start of this Big Brother Canada 7 week, things looked terrible for Adam. He was headed out the Big Brother Canada doors on Thursday. However, this week’s Power of Veto competition gave him another life. That kid has like a million Big Brother Canada lives. Instead of Adam, another one of the Pretty Boys will be going home by the hands of Kyra and Anthony.

Anthony has expertly played Kyra this week, and all season. He got them to take a shot at Adam, instead of his closest ally Mark. Now Anthony secured his place in the final four. He’s getting closer to the winner’s seat. It’ll be a hard one to win against this jury, who are very pro-Dane and to a lesser degree Adam. That’s why Anthony wanted to ensure one of them left the game.

He’s a few moves away from securing that. He couldn’t get Adam out, but he’s going to take a big shot at Dane. At least that was the original plan. After Kyra puts Mark up, Anthony wwas almost surely vote out Dane. However, things started to change on Sunday. In a terrible move, now it’s looking like Anthony and Adam will vote together and vote out…Mark.  This keeps Dane, the player most likely to win the game, in the house. Anthony might change his mind a few times during the week. So this should definitely be an interesting vote.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Veto Ceremony

  • Adam removed himself from the block. Mark went up as a replacement.

On Thursday, either Dane or Mark will be leaving the Big Brother Canada house.

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