Big Brother Canada 7 Week 8 Double Eviction Spoilers-Who Went Home?

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada 7 has given us another double eviction. The last one was a bit of a letdown. Adam spared so many players and went for the easy target of Eddie. However, this double eviction will not be a Adam one. In fact, Adam is likely to be a hot target.

There are also only seven players left, so most likely a big player (or two) will leave during the double eviction. Earlier today, we made our best attempt to predict who would go home. However, the double eviction is one of the hardest moments in the game to predict. Now we don’t have to predict because we know who left during this week’s double eviction.

Spoiler time!

BBCAN7 Week 8/Week 9 Eviction Spoilers

  • Evicted #1: Este, 3-1, only Dane voted against Mark
  • Head of Household: Dane
  • Power of Veto: Anthony
  • Nominations: Kyra and Damien
  • Veto Ceremony: Not used. 
  • Evicted #2: Damien, unanimous vote

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