Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Which Two Players Will the Double Eviction Claim? POLL

Tonight we have our next double eviction. We’re so excited, yet terrified, which is expected with a double eviction. If you have a horse in the race, then you’re likely afraid too to see who goes home this Big Brother Canada 7 week. We know that one of the first evicted will be either Este or Mark. Logically, it should be Mark.

Mark is good with the more mental competitions, but Este has yet to show strength with any Big Brother Canada 7 competitions. However, the Pretty Boys are solid when one of them is on the block, at least one not named Adam. The Pretty Boys have devised a plan to keep Mark in the game. It gets the blood off Dane’s hands, but puts them on everyone’s but Dane and Damien.
In the first hour of Big Brother Canada, we expect the plan to go as, well…planned. We expect Este should be the first person evicted with a 2-2 vote and Adam breaking the tie. The second evictee is really a complicated one because it will really come down to Veto. We think most likely will be:


Adam or Damien have the biggest chance to go home if they’re on the block post-Veto. Adam is part of the Pretty Boys, but Mark has been trying to get him out for a while. Anthony is also still bitter about many things involving Adam. So both of them are likely to go after Adam via a backdoor. Dane will likely try to throw this HOH, so he shouldn’t be a factor, but if he does win, he might be one of the few to not go after Adam. Kyra is highly unlikely to win, but if they do, we see them trying to go after Damien, and if not him, Mark or Dane. If Damien wins HOH, he’s likely to go after Adam and Mark.

We would be surprised if Mark, Damien, and Adam all survive the double eviction.

Who do you predict will leave in the double eviction? Vote and comment below to let us know.

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