Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 22 Recap: Casualties of Fake Wars

We’re well into Big Brother Canada 7 week 8 and the Pretty Boys are in charge again. This time Adam holds the power…also again. Adam still believes in the Pretty Boys but he knew their was a chance that he go up on the block if he didn’t win Head of Household. He took the win from fellow Pretty Boy Anthony, who hated that he lost to Adam, especially since he suspects that he’s the secret assassin to take out his closest ally Cory.

With Adam in power, the Pretty Boys get to pretend to be fine and still together. However, there is one little hiccup to their fake harmony: the Mark vs. Adam storyline. Mark made a move against the Pretty Boys, especially Adam, last week by nominating him. Then Mark changed his mind, and also Adam won the Veto. Adam decided to play along by declaring Mark his rival.

As his rival, Adam needs to make a move against him, but it’ll break his loyalty to the Pretty Boys. So Adam and the Pretty Boys made a fake plan. He would tell Este, Damien, and Kyra was that his goal this week was to backdoor Mark, which he did.

Those three didn’t think Mark was such a good player that he needed to be backdoored but it was nothing they could do about it with Adam as HOH.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Nominations Fall Out

Now that Adam stuff to his plan to pretend that Mark is his target…will the only non-Pretty Boys get suspicious?

Adam and the Pretty Boys discuss who to pick if he gets houseguest’s choice. Mark jokes that Adam should pick him. Adam asks Dane if he gets houseguest’s choice will he use it? He says that he has to use it on Este for his jury vote.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

In order to keep up the lie and not nominate Mark, Mark needs to win Veto. He hasn’t been that great at competitions. It’s now or never for him to win a Veto.

Dane, Mark and Kyra’s names are pulled to play in Veto. The only one that doesn’t get picked is Anthony, so he’s the host. Mark then works on getting Kyra on his side.

The houseguests had to fix their track to their gold mine. They needed to get all the tracks in place. Then they advanced to the second round where they had to stack their gold nuggets. They had to make sure to grab the right piece to stack them. Both rounds are puzzles.

Kyra and Damien are in tied for the lead, but then Damien starts to zoom ahead.

Damien wins the Power of Veto. 

Following his win, Adam and Anthony tell Kyra that they want to keep Mark because they don’t trust Este. They all agree because Kyra was already considering keeping him.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

Adam is trying to be loyal but that’s not easy when others aren’t really being loyal to you.

Mark suggests that Adam nominates Dane so he doesn’t need to vote out Este and lose her vote. He agrees to it. Mark, Anthony, Dane, and Adam bring Kyra into the HOH room to explain that they want to nominate Dane, and they need to vote to keep him. They also make a final five deal with them.

Later, Dane and Kyra discuss the plan for him to go up. They both don’t think it’s a good idea to let Dane go up in Mark’s place. They think it’ll look ridiculous.

Damien uses the POV on himself. Adam nominates Mark as the replacement nominee. Mark or Este leave tomorrow as the first victim of the double eviction.

Screencapped by 89razorskate20

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