Who Went Home Tonight? Week 7 Eviction Recap

All week, we’ve had the Pretty Boys in dismay. It started when Mark wanted to make a big move against his alliance members. Then he had a change of heart. He decided to just pretend to not be with them, and Adam played along. However, this week caused a lot of distrust and anger. It kind of divided the Pretty Boys with Mark and Anthony on one side, and Adam and Dane on the other side. The Adam and Dane side of the Pretty Boys seems to be getting their way this Big Brother Canada week, despite it being Mark’s Head of Household reign.

First Adam continued his competition domination by taking himself off the block with the Veto. Then he pushed hard for Anthony’s biggest ally, Cory to go on the block. Anthony got his way when he convinced Mark to not listen to Dane and Adam. However, tonight, a new twist gets introduced that might just give Dane and Adam their way this week.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out:

No one is really happy with Mark’s nominations. His big move fell flat. Can he save his HOH week?

Everyone is pissed about Mark not putting up Cory. The only one that’s happy about it is Anthony and Mark.

BBCAN7 Week 7 The Secret Assassin Mission:

This week proves that you should never feel safe in the Big Brother house. A new twist could always be lurking to mess up your game.

Then Adam finds a flashlight and some clues. The boxes that he flash the light on have numbers. He starts to find the boxes that match those numbers. He finds four numbers and a star.

He then finds a locked box. He needs to figure out the combinations of the numbers. Once he figures it out, he then gets a secret tape. He plays the tape in the recorder and it grants him the power to make a secret third nominee.

Adam considers his options before making his nomination. The houseguests are called to the living room and a message appears on the screen letting them know about the secret assassin.

He nominates Cory

Everyone celebrates Cory going on the block, but Anthony and Cory. Immediately, they figure out that Adam made the nominations.

BBCAN7 Week 7 Eviction Vote:

Adam reassures Damien that Kyra and him are not going to change their votes. They’re voting out Cory. Meanwhile, Cory works on Dane. She knows she can’t get Kyra and Adam’s votes because she took out Sam. She hopes that she can get Dane’s vote so that it’s a tie and Mark breaks the tie. Anthony then works on getting the Pretty Boys on board to keep Cory. It gets a little heated.

The houseguests get to see some videos from the past evicted houseguests from BBCAN7.

Anthony VTE Este
Adam VTE Cory
Dane VTE Cory
Kyra VTE Cory

Cory is evicted from the BBCAN7 house.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Head of Household Competition:

Will it be another Pretty Boy win?

For this HOH competition is all “ship to you drop.” They had to make sure their boxes never drop. If the boxes drop, they were eliminated. Boxes addressed to them would come down a conveyor belt, and then they had to stack them.

The HOH comp was just starting so return here later tonight to see who won. Side note: On Thursday, another DOUBLE EVICTION!

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