Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 7 Premire

If we had to bet on the outcome of this week’s Big Brother Canada 7 Head of Household competition, we’d bet on a Pretty Boy winning it. They seem to be running circles around the other houseguests in every way—strategically, physically, and socially. Este, Kyra, and Damien seem like no match for the unstoppable Pretty Boys, especially Dane and Adam.

It’s almost a guaranteed that one of those two will become this week’s Head of Household. We’re kind of hoping for an upset and Kyra, Este, or Damien can pull off the win. However, with four Pretty Boys to three non-Pretty Boys left, does it even matter? Unless two of them are on the block, they’ll likely have the majority votes to save who they see fit.

So would we be losing our money on a bet this week, or would we be right to see another Pretty Boy win in our future?

BBCAN7 Week 8 Head of Household Results

  • Adam won it

How do you feel about these results? Will a Pretty Boy finally leave the BBCAN7 house? Or is it the week that Damien, Kyra, or Este go home?

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