Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

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This was definitely not the week to win Head of Household, especially if you’re a nice juicy target like Adam. Most likely, everyone, including Pretty Boys, will be trying to get out him during Thursday’s double eviction. This is probably going to be a very bad week for Adam. He won Head of Household but made a promise with the Pretty Boys to not nominate each other. It makes sense to everyone, who is unaware of the Pretty Boys, that Adam’s target should be Mark. But Adam, unfortunately, is very loyal.

He’s trying to do everything possible this week to not nominate Mark, which is causing a lot of suspicion and confusion. He told everyone (that’s not a Pretty Boy) that his plan is to backdoor Mark. So instead of nominating Mark, he wants to nominate two pawns. He then will have one of them taken off, as long as Mark don’t win the Veto himself.

More than likely, Dane and Anthony will be trying to throw the Veto to Mark. And Kyra, Este, and Damien are not the best at competitions. To keep up this rue, it’s in Adam’s best interest if Mark wins the Veto. However, if Dane, Este, Kyra, or Damien win the Veto, then Adam is in a load of trouble. This will also almost guarantee that the Pretty Boys are exposed.

To keep up the lie and Adam’s very bad plan, he had two nominees in mind.

BBCAN7 Week 8 Nominations

  • Adam nominated Damien and Este

Is there anyway this week isn’t about to blow up in Adam’s face?

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